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    Default Just a question....

    I hate making a thread revolving around somebody answering a question, but I really need to know.

    So, anyway, here it is: If you are on a webcam with someone, is it possible for them to record what's going on on your cam and have it stored to their computer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Berko View Post
    Yes it is, but why would somebody want to?

    Well I made a facebook and a myspace page for my tb/dl self, and met a few people. This one girl I met on myspace wanted me to msg her on yahoo, which I did. She wanted me to put on my cam and I felt kind of nervous about it the whole time, even though I put it on. I made sure my face wasn't on it, which was hard seeing as how my cam is attatched to my laptop. She said she didn't have one, which is mainly why i was iffy about going on it.

    I was thinking maybe this person on the other end was just finding shmucks like me to record then put the videos online or something. Or maybe i'm just paranoid.

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    You could just be being paranoid, but I should't worry either way. If she din't see your face then your OK, but in future just don't do anything you don't want to when it comes to the internet, especially if you think it's funny in the first place.

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    Hey, the important thing is that if you're uncomfortable with it, don't go through with it. You could indeed be paranoid, but this IS the internet. So in the off chance that "she" is trying to mess with you, I'd just be careful, is all.

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