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Thread: what is your nerdiness?

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    baby kiffer

    Default what is your nerdiness?

    It seems there is a fairly substantial population of "nerds" on ADISC, and it has made me wonder what types of nerds we are?

    To be technical (and in my own nerdiness O_O),I would prefer that we focus on the "slavishly devoted to intellectual or academic pursuits" definition of a nerd (as defined by, as opposed to the...erm...unnattractive part to avoid any offensive and/or false statements.

    Now then, I am just curious to see what type of nerds are here. Do you consider yourself to be a computer nerd? Science nerd? Halo nerd?

    I, for example, consider myself to be a biology (science) nerd.

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    Math ace here. Always been easy so I get bad grades because
    I sleep in class. Then I also am an art nerd I love to draw and stuff. But where I take the cake is in the music and skateboarding department both came/ come easy to me. SO I am a nerd in a lot of things. Oh and then there is also ANIME.

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    Hard to choose. I would say computer nerd but there are plenty of people out there, and on here, that know much more about computers than I do.

    So I'm going to have to go with gaming nerd... cause... yeah. Thats pretty much the truth.

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    computer nerd
    gaming nerd
    science nerd
    manga/anime nerd
    other (please specify)
    All of the above & more, so I'll just vote for other.

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    I could be accused of being a manga nerd but I only keep track of seldom series (3 to be exact). Keep up to speed with just one. The rest I'll occassionally read when I get fed up. I don't really know enough about the media in general to qualify nerd status, that and I don't refer to other people using 'kun' or 'chan'.

    As anyone in mIRC will tell you I know 'eff all about computers, if I get stuck with something some unfortune soul has to take step by step procedures & hold my hand get me through tweaking the brightness on my monitor.

    Gaming nerd, the only next generation console I own is a Wii. I haven't bought an uber HDTV just so I can experiance teh power of the next gen consoles.

    Science, to my recollection I didn't pass a single test in science at school, though ironically I did enjoy the subject.

    *looks for real nerds to practise his wedgie technique*
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    Computer nerd. I'm a jack of all trades, but my main area of expertise is web development. That's development, not design, ie: Dynamic database driven web applications. I'm currently finishing off my diploma in web development. I spent the last 2 years doing a Certificate IV in website design. I also did a Cert IV in info tech (client support) in 2005, which is focused on working at an IT Help desk, computer system repair, software and operating system instalation and maintennance, network administration etc etc. I also did a short course on more advanced network administration. Thing that sucks is that so much has changed in the last 2 and a half years and I didn't bother keeping up with technology, so all that training is pretty much worth nothing. I guess the basics are still the same, but still

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    I would have to consider myself a book nerd. In a good week, I can usually tangle myself into five or six books if I have no other pressing responsibilities. I'll usually do my best to offset fiction with non-fiction, preferring books that expose some aspect of history.

    In turn, that turns me into an English nerd -- you know, the kind that screams at you when you break the Sacred Laws of the Language.

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    Footed P.J.


    I'm a soccer nerd. I am not a jock. I am very judgemental of jocks. But I am immensely fascinated by the history, especially of American soccer. Yesterday, I spent several hours on BigSoccer and Major League Soccer trying to cultivate info surrounding Seattle's expansion franchise, which will take the field next year. After much debate, Seattle Sounders FC was the name chosen, which more or less goes with Seattle's history in the sport (Seattle Sounders since 1974).

    I cant stand talking about baseball, hockey, football, or basketball, and I resent anyone making smalltalk to me along such lines.

    I guess that's not typical nerdiness, but I take it to that level.

    I do like road signs. I am fascinated by numbering conventions of the various states. I was baffled when I crossed into Louisiana from Mississippi one time, that there were ever four-digit highway numbers.


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    Computer nerd if you count having an internet addiction.

    Science nerd because I really love that stuff.

    And Gaming nerd because I love playing games... duh!

    But yeah, I'm a bit of a nerd, but not in any one area.

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