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Thread: 'Boots' have done it again!

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    Default 'Boots' have done it again!

    Boots, the chemist that is, has done it again. They have created another enticing yet frustrating blend of high performance and mystifying design idiocy in their latest addition to the 'Stay Dry' range.

    In short, Boots StayDry have redesigned the taped brief that they offer in some stores. One of the major new features is one large tape per side! Here are some of the others:

    The nappy is cloth-feel and the tape is stretchy and fastens with velco-like material. The leg gathers are strong and as with the previous design, they seem to be jam-packed full of SAP.

    In some ways, these are quite similar to modern baby nappies, perhaps the 'Active Fit' (Cruisers) sort, because the materials and (scaled up) shape seem similar.

    And having said all these potential positives, here lies the frustration. The design also makes for a very awkward fit.

    Essentially the pad is one long rectangular shape and the nappy doesn't fan out from the pad, either at the front or the back. In fact, the front and back of the nappy do not meet. Instead, the long wide tapes link the back to the front.

    The tapes stick anywhere on the soft-touch material, but there are also landing zones where it sticks more securely. These landing zones are positioned fairly low, such that the top front of the nappy material ends up as a big flap. This is aesthetically annoying more than a functional problem.

    But there are functional problems too. It's difficult to get a snug fit. The nappy is one-size and large, so as with the previous design, it's impossible to make the nappy tight enough if using the landing zones. Whilst the nappy is large in terms of waist-size, it doesn't come up very far at the front or back, making it very discreet but not snug. Wearing these new Stay Dry nappies feels like wearing your annoying too-big pants that have lost their elastic strength and wriggle about under your clothes.

    So, Boots have succeeded in producing another masterpiece of design annoyance. So near yet so far! Oh, and at nearly 7 for a pack of 8? Hmm...that's pushing it.

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    I'll see what I can do...

    Hang on, don't not believe me yet!...

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    Quote Originally Posted by deependh200 View Post
    Pics or is didn't happen!! (J/K) lol
    unfortunantly there are pics sometimes that NEVER happened.

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    Hey. I have done my bestest to provide pics. I'm very not a techie person, and cannot put the pics directly in this post, but I have uploaded them to the ADISC Galleries and linked them here. So either go to the gallery or pick from below. Sorry they are grainy.

    Here is a pic of the Boots Stay Dry nappy on a pillow that's been folded double. (No, not a smurf)...

    Message - My Photo Gallery

    Here's the packet:

    Message - My Photo Gallery

    Packet again, saying 'New Shape'...

    Message - My Photo Gallery

    Open packet:

    Message - My Photo Gallery

    Nappy (folded):

    Message - My Photo Gallery

    Nappy unfolded once...

    Message - My Photo Gallery

    Nappy fully unfolded...

    Message - My Photo Gallery

    The tapes - close up, with my hand for scale:

    Message - My Photo Gallery

    Nappy done up. Notice annoying top front flap.

    Message - My Photo Gallery

    Nappy done up on pillow, front side:

    Message - My Photo Gallery

    Nappy done up on pillow, side view:

    Message - My Photo Gallery

    Nappy done up on pillow, back view:

    Message - My Photo Gallery

    There you go! Best I can do. Just a note, done up on a pillow that's been folded in half, it looks a lot more comfortable than it is done up on a person! Though, that said, I can now report that the absorbancy seems alright. The butt part is very narrow, almost a thong nappy!

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    They call it flex diaper. Mostly used for people who get changed by others because it is easier for the caretaker. Tried them with the tena brand and I don't really like them, they don't 'feel' diaperlike.

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    Oh right, ok. This is new to me. I think I've heard of Tena Flex, unless I'm imagining it. But I think I was confusing 'flex' with 'belted' briefs. I was quite surprised by what I discovered today! Seems like others might know a bit about this sort though? Also, another thing I noticed is when you unfold them, the tapes are stuck to each other in a loop.

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    Abena makes something like that also, Abri-wing brief, and so do many other brands, not exactly a new concept, but there are also single tapes on each side, like the Wings 3D, but they are some of the worst designed diapers ever. My experience is that the reason they put the 4 tapes on adult diapers is because people dont like wet pants while wearing a diaper

    The abri-wings and diapers like that are marketed to rehabilitation centers, and wheelchair users, because of the ability of the user to be able to use the toilet while diapered (you just pull the front down), without having to take the whole diaper off when that would require assistence. Think of it as like a adult toilet training diaper

    Also, another thing I noticed is when you unfold them, the tapes are stuck to each other in a loop
    yes, you put that loop around your waist like a belt, then pull the back up between the legs and fasten it on the TOP of the belt.

    EDIT to add, unless it is like the Tena Ultra Stretch, were those to long tabs are really stretchy and you just fasten them to the front?

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