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    Well its basicly an anamal that has human trates. Has its own personality. In this case they are usaly aged in the todler range. Some use it for role play. Hope that helps.

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    You know... we really do need to get an explanation stickied.

    What a furry is.
    What a babyfur is

    A furry is a person with a particular affinity towards anthomorphic animals; animals with human traits. There are many ways to express this fandom and some choose to role play as their own anthropersona. Myself, I play around as a grey domestic short haired kitten.
    Babyfurs is just furries combined with TB/ABness.
    Diaperfurs are furry diaperlovers.

    This is extremely basic and over-simplied, but it's the gist.

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    I know what it is now but this as a sticky would be so so helpful 6 or 9 months ago. Just seems too necessary.

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