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Thread: Tracking an Ipod?

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    Default Tracking an Ipod?

    Are there any ways to track a stolen ipod touch? I am using the gadgettrak service right now, but I am wondering what ways there are to track one and what programs are available for it. Mine is fine, but I am trying to help my friend find theirs.

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    I seriously doubt it. Those things are high theft risk and are one of the most stolen items today.

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    No only the Iphone has that. They should of not let it get stolen. (Yes I am saying it is their fault. They should of not left a 200-300$(assuming the price I dislike it.) item out of their site around town/school) IMHO

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    Quote Originally Posted by khaymen View Post
    I seriously doubt it. Those things are high theft risk and are one of the most stolen items today.
    You are somewhat correct, they come in 5th according to an article I read early 2008.

    1. Laptops - All major brands
    2. Cell Phones - All major brands
    3. GPS Devices - All major brands
    4. Car Stereos - All major brands
    5. MP3 players - Traditional iPods specifically noted.

    Anyway, I'll try to answer the OP's question instead of just guessing and posting a response.

    Trace Stolen iPhone Or iPod Touch with GadgetTrak An App | Technology and SEO Blog

    GadgetTrak should be able to locate an Touch. However, you need to install the software on the Touch FIRST before it's gone a-a-n-n-d-d the thief needs to use the Touch via WiFi.

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