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Thread: hey :)

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    Talking hey :)

    hey everyone, this is toze. My hobbies include snowboarding (whenever i get the rare chance :P), chilling out with friends, reading a book now and then and watching films.
    I'm a freshman in univercity (yay!), and i found this website after googling babyfur, because thats what I am
    and btw, i got into the fur fandom fairly recently, after chatting with a certain someone *giggle*

    oh, and greetings from Portugal! :-D

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    Welcome to a whole new plain of existence.

    Oh, and watch out for the Langoliers!

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    Beats me! Looks scary if you google it though. ^^
    Anyway, welcome Adisc Toze!
    Portugal have snow this time of year too? I have a friend there who lives in the northern regions, and he's fed up with the stuff.

    Have fun during your stay!

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    In a Stephen King story langoliers were creatures that devoured the past so that the present could occupy the now in space time.

    And if that made sense to you please send me a friend request, I need more useful brains for my experiments.

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    @ huskypup: actually, I'm somewhat north, and yeah it snowed a while. too bad it only lasted for a few days, so i only had the chance to have a few snowball fights and only had school cancelled once :P but they predict some more snowing this weekend !!!
    @ everyone else: thanks a bunch for the welcome *hug*
    @khaymen the concept sounds good, I think I'm going to do some research on that subject hehe

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    Welcome to ADISC! You're in a univercity? I have only seen that word in the Kanye West fan site! (JK). I do hope you enjoy your time here and also our vast and supportive community we have here. Peace and Love

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    Ahahahaha! I just googled Langoliers and read the whole wiki bio. An odd thing to find and learn about after randomly entering a thread entitled "Hey" xD. But, I am happy to now say that I know what a langolier is!

    Oh, and of course, welcome to ADISC! I am also new, so we can be new together xD
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