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    Red face Myself

    Hi, I'll not go into my private secrets, my username says enough about me. I found this site while visiting a site called Some of you may have visited that site also. I went there to get more insite pertaining to my desire, and found the site very informational, there is a link to this site there. Anyway i'm very much a person that loves the outdoors, fishing and hiking where ever i can. I especially love mountains in Oregon where i'm originally from, and have spent many years there doing a lot of hiking and camping etc. It gives one the chance to get away from the city life and have some private time. I also love to shoot handguns, which i have several, out where no one, including animals can be harmed. I must say i have been very amazed at the number of others with my desire, hence this site. If any one here has ever watched the T.V. show called Axe Men, on the history channel, that show is filmed about 5 miles from where i used to live and i have traveled all of those logging roads myself.
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    Um... OK? Welcome to ADISC, I guess.

    Perhaps you should start with "hello", and possibly what you're interested in besides diapers. ADISC likes intelligent discussion.


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    Anything ELSE other then diapers you like?

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    Welcome to ADISC! Do you have any hobbies orinterests OUTSIDE OF DIAPERS? I do hope you enjoy your time here and our supportive community we have here. Peace and Love

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    Much Better!
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    Default Wearing outside response

    Thank you for your respone to my intro. after taking a closer look at my into. your absolutley correct and I will be revising it. Although this is something I like to do, ( and maybe others think about trying privatley) I should not have expressed it in this manner. My appologies to you all. I will be redoing this a.s.a.p.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luvstowrdprs5 View Post
    no matter what!
    No matter what?

    No matter what!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luvstowrdprs5 View Post
    Hi, I'll not go into my private secrets, my username says enough about me.
    Lets see, what does this user name say to me?

    Luvs. to. wrd. prs. 5 = loves to press 5 in Microsoft Word?

    Luv. sto. w. rd. p. rs. 5 = The fifth person who loves stew with red peppers and real sea salt?

    L. u. v. s. tow. rd. prs. 5 = *HEAVY BREATH* Luke you ver my son. *HEAVY BREATH* Crap! *HEAVY BREATH* My car got towed! *HEAVY BREATH* I'm gonna force choke that person until Red #5 gets squeesed out their ears! *HEAVY BREATH* *HEAVY BREATH*

    Luvs. towr. dprs 5 = You are an obsessive compulsive who is compeled to stack your diapers into 5 towers?

    Luvs. to. wr. dprs. 5 = You love to wear 5 diapers at once?

    OK, OK, I could go on, but then it may just get silly from there.

    Welcome to the other side of silly dude. I hope you enjoy your stay.

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