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    Okay, I'm confused about when they started putting pictures on diapers. I remember my diapers being plain white and Pampers. I also remember being at Wal-Mart with my parents buying diapers for me in a package like this
    But if you look at the diapers in the pack Pampers-1994-04 on Flickr - Photo Sharing! they have pictures on them. Were their plain white Pampers or did they all have prints on them? Maybe she didn't always by Pampers? But were there all white diapers in 93-94?

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    I know Huggies had designs on their diapers in 1993-4 because I have a few left over from then in the size 4 range Also have some pampers from that era also with designs. I know pampers for her were white with designs on them and a pink liner in the diaper area. Its possible some store brand diapers may have been plain plastic there may also have been a pampers line that was plain as well

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    I'm not a vintage diaper expert, but I'm fairly confident that pretty much all pampers have had pictures or designs on them since at least the mid to late eighties.

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    I was in diapers from 83-85 I guess (no idea when I stopped wearing, but I know my brother was in diapers at night until age 6)

    I know my diapers were all white. And I believe they still came in the paperboard boxes, no fancy plastic bags.

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    My oldest is 18 and around the same time (give or take a year or two either way) I was babysitting for a neighbour who used plain all white plastic disposables on her kids. They were generic brand diapers, elastic waist, elastic gathered legs, sticky non-refastenable adhesive tapes. Basic late 1970's style disposable diapers I remember from my babysitting days. The plastic outer covering on the diapers would tear when the changer popped open a sticky tab to do a diaper check. Cloth diaper pins were used to refasten the diapers afterwards. Sometimes rubber pants were used over the diaper afterwards if the rip was bad enough.

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