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Thread: What diaper do you wear to work / How do you manage or get away with it?

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    Default What diaper do you wear to work / How do you manage or get away with it?

    So over the past few months I've started wearing more often to work for a number of reasons.

    For one I'm a lot less self concious as I realize that nobody is really going to catch on especially if you don't make a big deal about it.

    Another reason is convenience, granted if it's going to be convenient it will require a premium diaper.

    I just barely got some Abena X-Plus and although a bit risky to wear to work at the same time if you don't have to change for the whole day and there's no leaks then there is one less element of inconvenience or chance to get caught. My current fav for work is the Bambino Bianco though I fear the tough front plastic will make too much noise for summer use (no jacket to mask noise). Last summer I only wore infrequently and used Abena Supers.

    So I am curious about what other people here do and in how it differs each season of the year, relating to their work of course.

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    I wear tena slip plus sometimes, only during meetings and infobriefing. Gives some comfort and can keep going for hours :P

    But usally I do security and street patrol and I don't wear then....of course

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    well if you are counting school i guess you could say the most i will wear is underjams or goodnites because they don't go above my pants but someday i think i will wear something bigger

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    Quote Originally Posted by diaper degraw View Post
    well if you are counting school i guess you could say the most i will wear is underjams or goodnites because they don't go above my pants but someday i think i will wear something bigger
    There is a lot of posts here about wearing to school but what I'm curious is about professionals who risk face and job by wearing to work and try to stay undetected.

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    I have had urinary problems most of my life. I reverted to bedwetting at puberty and at 21 lost the rest of my bladder control. Of course I have been treated by many urologists.

    I already was being mentored by my current law firm when I reached puberty, a fact I disclosed to them immediately. As my urinary incontinence got progressively more profound I also disclosed this. Once I graduated from law school my incontinence was not an issue at work.

    Most days all I need are slip-in pads which are effective enough for up to 3 hours and very fast to change discreetly. No those days I cannot be sure of changing so often I wear Attends Breathable. Having learned to change my disposables in public ladies room stalls in 1981, by now I can do so discreetly and rapidly enough. My personal office within our Los Angeles office has a private lav, so often I am changing in total privacy. My lav has enough locked cabinet space so I always have enough dry slip-in pads and Breathable on hand. Never has any of this been an issue.

    In late 1990 I became active in the AB community. Clearly my law firm discovered that while deciding to elect me to partnership in 1993.

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    I wish I could wear my diapers to work but it would be too obvious. I wear cloth diapers which I like very thick. My jeans don't even go on when I'm diapered. I've gone to the grocery store wearing a Molicare before but they too are a bit thick and noticeable which makes me uneasy. I don't use them for anything, I just like wearing them. They feel wonderful! Cloth diapers and plastic pants rule!

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    It honestly doesn't matter.
    If you wear them you wear them, not many people are going to care. With the way our society works, people will just give you a odd look, but that's all. I wear depends to school everyday and almost nobody ask. (I wear skinny jeans so sometimes it's evident). Nobody really cares what you wear, honestly. as long as your not showing off your butt, which is basically asking people to comment on it, you'll be fine with what ever you wear.

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    Lucky for me I have a perfect job for diaper-wearing. Unfortunately, my fiancee who just moved in with me, has a problem with my diapers. So, in the past I wore Secure X-Plus most of the time. I tried a few others, but none really lasted the full day like I wanted. Now I just wear boring old boxers :-(.

    But yeah, I'm a software engineer and I spend all day sitting in a cubicle by myself. So, I've got the privacy and I don't really need to move around a lot on the job.

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    Being urinary incontinent I have no choice but wear to work. I am now wearing the Abena X-Plus. No one has ever noticed and if they have, they have never said anything. I try my best to make it through the day with out changing but there have been times that I have had to change in the bathroom at work and or in my office.

    True, in the winter time coats and extra clothes help hide your diaper. I don't change what I wear from season to season. I wear my jeans a size or two larger and larger shirts.

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    Thanks for the replies guys. It sounds like some try to be more discreet by changing often and others try to make it through the whole day with one diaper. I often find it hard to make it 9 hours with an often thick and soggy diaper so it seems to work best if I come to work with something like an abena super and change by lunch and make it through the rest of the day with a bambino or x-plus. I still worry about the used diapers that I wrap up and through in the trash cans as if somebody is going to look in there and catch me using their bathroom (we have a lot of personal bathrooms in trailers that I sneak into).

    When I posted this thread I was in a very optimistic mood and happy with my decisions. As with many of us we go through cycles with this whole diaper thing. Today what is most on my mind is that I don't think I have fully accepted this desire as being part of my life.

    As I wear more often, which includes wearing to work I find that I have more clarity in my thoughts and decisions about my diaper wearing. Because I am doing it I am not thinking about doing it etc...

    I think I could accept it fully if I could make up my mind if I want this to stick with me my entire life because the more I integrate it into daily life the harder it will be to overcome. I have a very understanding wife who will stick with me through thick and thin but I don't want her acceptance to influence my acceptance, make any sense?

    Sorry to rant off topic about my problems but sometimes we all need to vent right?

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