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Thread: New Bambino Diaper!

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    Wink New Bambino Diaper!

    The brand new, all-white Bambino Diaper!

    Learn about the Bambino Brief:
    * Designed for ABDLs - truly a designer Adult Baby diaper!
    * Super absorbent, all-day and overnight protection - up to 28% more Polymer than the leading brand!
    * BLANK, all-white Machine-Applied Frontal Panel
    * Extra-wide Refastenable double taping system for maximum hold
    * All White plastic backing with NO wetness indicator
    * Foam Stretch Waist in the Front and Back ensures snug fit
    * Standing Leg Cuffs and extra-absorbent wings in the front and back of diaper ensure maximum containment

    New White Bambino!

    - ALL-WHITE construction, with a clear frontal tape panel that you can decorate, draw on, add stickers to, etc! This refastenable frontal taping panel is fully customizable so that each Bambino Bianco ends up being YOUR Bambino Bianco!
    - By adjusting with the composition of this diaper, we've been able to add just a little bit more absorbency without changing the look, fit and feel. We think you'll like how this new super absorbent Bambino performs!

    I will put up a review of Bambino's new diaper whenever I receive my shipment!

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    Sweeet! That's all I needed to hear, since the print was the only thing I didn't like about Bambinos, I'll be ordering some for sure now...

    Good find.

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    hmmmm cant wait to hear how these surely quite expensive diapers perform against the mainstream giants,abena and molicare!! they look good though, i must admit.

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    Ouch...18 bucks for 8 diapers.

    Pretty soon it'll be cheaper to do drugs than to buy diapers.

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    lol it alredy is.. just go get a dimebag!!! omg just kidding, im in a state of recovery and now that i mention it, im sitting in a recovery program office, and im using their computer!!hahahaaaaa
    W00t 7 months clean!

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    In my opinion id rather buy an abena x plus and call it a day then spend that much money on 8 diapers. I prefer geting atleast 20 diapers for $18 dollars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blake View Post
    In my opinion id rather buy an abena x plus and call it a day then spend that much money on 8 diapers. I prefer geting atleast 20 diapers for $18 dollars.
    Don't Abena X Pluses come at roughly $20 for 14?

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    Ya i guess ure right but still thats more diapers then 8. Abena supers are a better deal but dont hold as much as the xplus oh well. I just can't bring myself to spend that much money on Bambinos

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    I will eventually but I don't like need to try every diaper out there wins over my want of money.

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    Mine too, just think, add some ripped off tapes from Pampers or Luvs and you'll have old style baby diapers written all over em.

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