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    I had a conversation with someone recently and explained my user name. I’m not sure if I am unique but my username is a personal expression of a trait that I try to live to. Morals, honor, and respect are of the utmost importance to me so when I read the story of Khaymen in a fictional novel I was drawn to it on a deep emotional level.

    In this story Khaymen was pharaoh's chief guard. When the masses turned against their leader because of a famine in the land and sought to entomb him alive they didn’t want to kill Khaymen. They called to Khaymen asking him to leave pharaoh’s side rather than fight them. Khaymen told them that pharaoh was innocent and that he would rather die with him than dishonor himself by killing an innocent man to save his own life.

    I try to live my life with that level of righteousness and honor, so the name Khaymen means as much to me as someone calling me Rev. because I stand for biblical values and am studying to be a minister.

    Does anyone else have similar attachment to a username?

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    I don't know what mine means. So no, not really an attachment to it at all. sub/slave/scamper... then the 4u was becuase I only wanted one letter, and something added to the end. The 4u seemed easy enough, ha!

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    Lilpaws(my fursona's baby name) G (First letter in my real name) Huskypup (I love huskies, especially husky puppies.)

    Not much more to it really. Might be too long or something.

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    well for those of you that play KH you know the way the orginization does their names.
    my RL name is kyler
    Kyler plus a X and mix it up
    kryxel... the vampire

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    For those of you who don't already know:

    My username is my date of birth translated into chemical symbols (look at my avatar).

    So my DOB is 18th March 1988, which translates into ArLiKRa. =)

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    Kaworu Nagisa is Shinji Ikari's closest friend. Well, for one painfully tragic episode of Neon Genesis Evangelion, at least.

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    There's no significance or weight to my username at all. It's just a name I chose some years ago because I liked it at the time.

    My avatar - a man who stood against totalitarianism and for social justice, democratic socialism and respect for the beauty of the English language and the written word - is meant to represent some my ideals though.

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    Mine was borrowed from the army comercial, being that everyone knows me by the letter B I just swiped the rest B all U can B.

    When I first got a computer I tried everything I could think of for a user name that used my knick name B, the name I am known by localy is different so the B will do for internet purposes.

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    I've always liked dogs, sometimes more than a lot of people I know, or rather, don't know. As a kid I was more comfortable with dogs than people, and they would follow me home. Today I was out playing with our Golden in the one foot of snow we received this past weekend. It's just who I am, or a significant part of my personality. Woof!

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    Contrary to what many people would think, I'm not an anime-head. I don't have much taste at all for anime. "Danny" is obvious; it's my first name, although I usually go by Dan or my last name IRL. "Ninja" is a hat-tip to hacker culture ("code ninjas") as well as my random, unpredictable personality that sneaks up on you quick.


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