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Thread: A New Guy What a Shocker

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    Haii! : )
    Well I joined this site. No real reason except missing out on a few bits of my past that I miss. -_-

    But yes. I wanna buy some diapers (Which I'm gonna get soon). My preference is Goodnights. The girl ones though I'm a guy but still. And I'm getting awsome custon printed cartoon underwear! (Perfect prints of the ones I used to have as a kid and LOVED!) Wedgies, they're awsome fun. I've had a lot. XD Random but just saying... And I used to be obsessed with drawing furries about a year ago but I stopped that because I don't draw much anymore.

    Anyways. This is Michal Saying

    Grr damn spelling mistakes. And not much else to say unless you ask.
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    Welcome to our world.

    Let us know a bit more about the person behind the "funderwear" and you may develop a few friendships based upon outside interests.

    I am Tim and I will be one of your guides as you explore the new and wondrous world that is ADISC. Be sure to put your seat in its upright and locked position and enjoy the ride.

    PS You can go back and edit your post. Spelling errors are underlined in red and a built in spell check is available. I thank God for spell check and if you ever see me in our live chat you will understand why.

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    Lolz Thanks, I know but I'm too lazy too go back and correct my spelling. XD

    Anyways, Movie making is my biggest hobby but I haven't made anything good and video games. That's alot of it. Lol.

    XD Star Trek TNG reference: Nice! I liked that episode, freaked me out when I was a kid.

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    Woah... what are you doing posting an intro at 0316? I'm about an hour away from Toronto. Canada is awesome.

    So... I don't have much to comment on from your post. You have any other hobbies or such? Likem usic, video games... other stuffs?

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    I'm the Inwisible Man


    Also, if that's pronounced as a w and not a v, then you win instant German-American points!

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    Oh awsome! I've got nothing to do, it's exam times so I get until Wednesday off.
    And Classic music, 70's and 80's.
    Video games, Animation, and TELEVISION! Chinese food, and Desire to get some good nights. I wanna get some. -_-
    I will soon. And I collect memento's.

    That's a good song and argh my comments are out of place. But still. It's a Checkov thing. Inwisible.

    And Wabbits! Hahahhhaa. Elmer Fudd.
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    I'm on exam break too . Exam break is a day shorter this year.

    Anyway, does that mean you're in high school? What kinds of games you got? Personally, I play XBL. We just had a big ADISC game of Modern Warfare 2 yesterday. (Well it started Saturday night, but pfft)

    as for TV, I'm watching Criminal Minds on A&E right now, what are you into?

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    Aw. I have no idea about how long the break is this yeah. But yeah I'm in High School!

    Really? Modern Warfare II. I think I play that a bit too much at times. -_-
    On what console or System whatever you wanna call it?

    And Sitcoms, Star Trek, Some stuff I find on the Discovery Channel, anything funny. Stargate is great too so a Sci-fi and comedy fan.

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    Man, I knew I liked you for some reason.
    Star Trek rules!
    There are not too many Checkov groupies out there anymore though. Did you know that when they cast him they were looking for a Davie Jones sex appeal for space travel?

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    Davie Jones Sex Appeal? XD That sounds quite funny. Lol.z
    And Ahh thanks you! Star Trek does rule
    First epi I watched was Voyager: Night. Interesting episode.
    And yeah I still remember the night I started watching star trek. XD Somehow.

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