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Thread: My Wearing Diary.

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    Default My Wearing Diary.

    I posted some of this in my introduction but I figured it would be maybe worthwhile to do a thread with updates past my introduction about my experience. I started writing and kept saying "I mentioned this before". For the sake of flow and completeness I may say things I already mentioned but will not mention that I did so. That make sense?

    A little background.

    I have been interested in diapers pretty much since I can remember. I didn't really explore it and mostly ignored it until the internet happened. After that I often read stories or looked at pictures, things I'm sure we have all done before. It wasn't until after high school that I did anything other than that.

    The first time I bought diapers was years ago, maybe 5 years or so. I was living with roommates at the time and was worried about hiding and the space they would take up. So I ordered from diapersuperstore. I haven't heard them mentioned here before. The used to offer singles in just about any adult diaper brand. I was worried about even the space one of their sample packs would take up so I ordered just 5 total. A regular Molicare and a Super, an Attends with waistband, a Tena Slip Super, and a Tena pullup. Just one of each.

    I ended up peeing in the Molicare Super. Shortly afterward I totally flipped out and threw them all out in a big public trash container.

    Took me the five years or so since then to order anything again. This time hiding them is no problem. I ordered a full bag of Abri-Form X-Plus and a bunch of assorted other samples all Abena brand stuff from XP Medical. I kinda wish I had ordered some Molicares as well but I can always do so later.

    So now, I don't freak out. Older and wiser and all that. I tried wetting twice shortly after getting my order. It was whatever and the mess was really gross for me to clean up. I'm also over the pullups. I like them because not being a wetting fan you can take them on and off really easily but it's just not the same. I don't like the six inch tall elastic around the waist and I don't like that the padding doesn't come up very high. I also like a tight fit and being that they're medium and I'm a pretty small guy (6', 145lbs) they are too loose on me.

    So this brings me to the most recent news. It just seems such a waste to wear a diaper without using it. I can wear one three or four times using the velcro trick to easily take it on or off but eventually it starts to tear and stuff. So I tried wetting again tonight and found that my first impressions have dulled but are still more or less the same. I don't mind it but the clean up sucks. So it will probably be something I do when I forget how annoying it is to clean up.

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    What is so horrible about the cleanup? if you just wet the cleanup isn't bad. Take off, put in bag, shower, throw bag away. The shower helps, and if you just change into a new one just use a wet washcloth.

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    Yea, I don't see the issue with the clean up of a wet nappy, I can understand it with a dirty one, but just wet is real easy to deal with.

    Can I also make a suggestion, if you're not into wetting, and you want to reuse nappies loads, why not think about investing in some velcro cloth nappies? They're fitted, easy to put on, and won't rip. And they will last for ever, especially if you're not wetting them...

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