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Thread: Watching Childrens' Movies when You're Sick

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    Default Watching Childrens' Movies when You're Sick

    So, I've come to terms with the fact I have some regression tendencies. Now, I've been sick for the past week with walking pnemonia-ish symptoms (no worries going to the doctor tomorrow). Friday I woke up and couldnt move and wasnt breathing well at all so I was just like "aw fuck it" and stayed home. I found myself watching winnie the pooh on youtube and it made me feel a little better (not really but i used to do that when i was little and really sick). It was the adventures of winnie the pooh...the origional hand drawn one (now that ive studied animation i realize that at some points the animators forgot to erase the drawing guides on certain irratates me so). It was so the question is...does anyone else watch disney movies when they are ill? I also do it when im deppressed. Last time i was deppressed/stressed out i watched Ratitoulle

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    I'm waiting for a rainy day to watch The Fox and the Hound again.
    I haven't been really sick in years though.

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    I won a copy of the fox and the hound in a arcade game once, I think it was like a 15th anniversary edition one. I tried watching it, but I had to turn it off when they started singing. I have the same problem with Fraggle Rock.

    Anyways as a kid I always watched Flight of the Navigator a lot... by a lot I mean I most likely seen it over 75 times in my life. YouTube - Flight Of The Navigator

    oddly I still think its aged well for being a product of the 80's. Unlike Short Circuit.

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    i used to fall asleep to snow whhite everynight for 2 years of my life

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    I currently have The Lion King and The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride on my iPod. I tried downloading Brother Bear, but the download didn't work. Oh well. When I'm sick I prefer to sleep. A lot...

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    There are certain movies I watch every time I'm sick, and there are definitely some Disney movies thrown into that mix.

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    I have a copy of Fast & Furious that I haven't seen yet. I'll have to pop that in if I take a sick day anytime soon.

    Oh, wait... that counts as a kids' movie, doesn't it?

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    i watch them when i got one of their songs stuck in my head; don't get sick to often and don't really have time to watch, but sometimes i get the urge to watch them, don't know why though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MXmadman View Post
    Oh, wait... that counts as a kids' movie, doesn't it?
    Yes... any movie with Vin Diesel involved is a kids movie automatically... hell, they are his target audience... sort of like fallout boy's target audience is all emo.

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    I watched Winnie the Pooh years ago, and I'd love to see them again. Since we have been snowed in the last two day, my wife and I have been watching DVDs of Mystery Science Theater 3000, We used to watch that on t.v. on Saturday mornings years ago when the kids were younger. It was really nice because I was in my footed sleepers, diapered and with my teddy bear. What could be better, plus the cheezy movie and the bots!

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