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Thread: snowboarding

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    Cool snowboarding

    Ok i am bringing this thread back due to that fat that i am going boarding on the fith. I am debating weather to take some diapers or not after all it is just night ski. my main concern is that somebody on the bus back will notice. Who has gone snowboarding in diapers?

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    i haven't, but i want to; sounds like fun. should learn how to board too >.> only done it once (fractured my wrist), but i've been dieing to go again.

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    Go for it. Just say it's a precaution to keep your snowsuit dry and that you have to pee often!

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    I haven't, but I'd like to try it sometime. (though, I ski.)
    It would sure save the time and effort of having stumble in your skiing boots into the lodges, undress all your skiing gear and go to bathroom... and out again. We've all been there I think.

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    I voted yes, though I've never really snowboarded, I'm a skier. Anyway, I've worn diapers skiing many times, it's great and seriously, nobody notices. People don't notice diapers under street clothes, and they absolutely aren't going to notice them under baggy snowpants. One thing to keep in mind, you'll want to make sure you wear one that's going to be able to last you the entire day since changing in the lodge bathrooms can be a bit of a hassle.

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    Dude the board pants cover my diapers better than normal street clothes. the only problem is when you are doing some of the tricks they will show a little bit but if you are wearing a ski jacket it will cover them.
    it is a great feeling being able to stay on the slopes longer, because you dont need a pee break.

    I say go for it.

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    Oh, definitely. Changing out of snow gear sucks. Like the other folks in this thread have said, wear something with serious capacity (think Tranquility ATNs, Bambinos, etc.). Diapers turn into a whole new science when you switch from AB/DL use in the privacy of your home to practical use. You gotta pick the right tool for the job.

    [edit] Answered yes to the poll... I've never snowboarded or skied, although I want to try skiing, but I have played in the snow diapered before.


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    i do some cross country skiing and i usually wear, noone really notices.

    i voted yes.

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    ok well i don't have the time to order bambinos but i was thinking about getting some walgreens max or whatever they call tyhem and some depend boosts and using those.

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    Depending on how much you pee and how many hours you're staying around, I think also a boosted "2nd choice" diaper could work (being it night skiing I suppose you aren't going to be out many hours like for a full day on the snow).

    As for me, I first tried snowboarding in diapers less than a month ago, catching the perfect opportunity of the first time I went riding alone. I've been wanting to do that for quite a lot of time, but being always with friends I never worked up the guts before.

    What the others say about the hassle of going to the toilet is particularly true when you also wear technical gear like impact shorts and knee and wrist guards, which make it quite a task even if you only have to pee, let alone if you have to go #2.

    What does it feel like? Not much different than wearing impact shorts alone, and I was thickly padded with a boosted Abena X-plus with plastic pants (so thickly I probably could do without impact shorts ). Being it the first time I tried this kind of experience, I was a bit obsessed about the diaper leaking or untaping because of the continuous movements; the only issue I found out later was a small tear in the plastic backing near one of the lower tapes, which I probably attached slightly too tight. The noticeability factor is not an issue at all with baggy snowpants, it just takes a bit of stealthyness if you want to change from snow gear to your regular clothes when you finish snowboarding, but I was lucky with this one since nobody was around at that time in the parking

    The wet diaper doesn't get that cold, it does not affect negatively my freedom of movement, and not having to worry about toilets is a true bliss, but I think I'll wear again only if I go snowboarding alone (or with other DLs) for one reason: having to go #2 during a day on the snow (and it's bound to happen) is already complicated enough without having to take off and put on a diaper again in a filthy toilet, and going in the diaper is out of question for obvious reasons when I'm with friends.

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