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Thread: Best song of the Decade (2000-2009)

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    Default Best song of the Decade (2000-2009)

    Well ive had some debates over what the best song of the past decade was. If all of you end up saying fireflies - owlcity; im leaving the forum...

    But my choice is : Jigsaw falling into place - Radiohead

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    Fireflies? LOL, gawd no!

    As for the biggest 'popular' song, although I don't really like it myself, I'd say "Yeah" by Usher was probably the biggest hit of the decade, the most overplayed, alongside "Who Let the Dogs Out" and maybe "Crazy".

    As for my actual tastes, there are several. In fact, there are so many I can't decide on just one, lol.

    From U2: Beautiful Day
    From Gary Jules: his cover of "Mad World" by TFF, and TFF's live recording of that song
    There are so many more, but I'm too tired to think through the whole list.
    (Maybe that 'Emo kid' song? lol)

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    In my opinion there cannot be a "top" song of all the songs made from 2000-2009.

    I'd have to go with Eminem - Lose Yourself

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    Should be favourite song, cause there's no way there's ever been a best song. There's songs with better lyrics, songs that are written well, songs that are great because they're simple and others that are great because they're complex. Some songs are decent on there own, but if you listen to them within the context of the album they're on, then it's great. I really don't think their can be a best in music, with all them different opinions and diverse genres. The best hip hop songs and the best metal song would be good for totally different reasons, and only preference would dictate which was better. That's just what I figure though.

    Have to say event hinking of my favourite is tough. Could be "Portrait" or "The Messenjah" by POD, or maybe "Hey" by RHCP. But there's stuff like 10,000 Days by Tool Crack the Skye by Mastadon that have full albums full of great material, and you really gotta listen to it all to appreciate it.

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