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Thread: Heart?

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    Default Heart?

    I'm at a lose as to what to do...i am working as a cook , getting 15 or so hours or so a week...but recently it seems my heart condition is starting to make my chest hurt at work and that causes me to slow down , mess up orders and then i get bitched out , adding stress , that doctors told me to avoid if at all possible...any ideas would be thanked

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    Contact your local government or a lawyer to seek public assistance due to medical disability.

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    1 I cant afford a lawyer
    2 i am not sure they would do anything for me

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    Your health comes first. I know a different job may not be easy to come by, but I would try to find something a bit slower pace. Cooking, especially short order on busy days, sounds like it could be really stressful. Same with being a waiter. Same with any business where the patronage can get very busy.

    If you were living in my town, I could give quite a few job recommendations--a lot of the businesses are very slow-going. I'm guessing you're shooting for a part-time, minimum wage type gig: video store clerk, check-out person at Kmart or any other store that doesn't get intense business (bookstore, RadioShack?), telemarketing (there was a place right by me that was always looking for employees to just sit and call people). Data entry can be good; I've done that for my father--just sit and type. I've seen job ads before asking for people to just enter data into spreadsheets.

    It's gonna take some time and effort to track down a slower-pace job, but there are a number of jobs that would be more laid-back than working in a restaurant.

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    Full time preferred but i dont even know if my body can handle those hours

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    Dude! talk to your Doctor and social services about assistance since you have an established medical condition.
    At worst they can blow you off or say no.
    Beyond that there are lawyers that will work "Pro Bono" fancy word for FREE in such human rights cases.

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    What state do you live in and I can help you get to the respective health department you need. Also are you a Vet?

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    Go here and get started, Welfare Program

    They will connect you with the right agencys to get medical help and money to get along with untill you feel better.

    That is what they are for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire_lupine06 View Post
    I live in Va and no , not a vet
    Ok these are the Folks from the Health department in the commonwealth, they can help you with Disability questions.

    Virginia Health Promotion for People with Disabilities | Contact Us

    This is a map of where your regional HD's are located and they most should have a staffed clinic that can "check you out" although if you enter a health department with chest pains or heart pain, they will most likely send you to the ER.
    Local Health Districts

    Here is the VA SS and Disability website that will tell you how to get started.
    Virginia Social Security Disability and SSI

    Also Virginia has a charity that helps low income people pay for their ER visit. I will try to find the name of it when my wife gets home from the ER she works at.

    Lastly if you are having chest pain than don't hesitate go to the ER your life is worth more than damned money, help is out there.

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