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Thread: ABU SDK one tape diapers

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    Question ABU SDK one tape diapers

    I've been wondering about the fit of the one tape diapers vs the 2 or 3 tape diapers. I just don't know if the fit would help contain floods. How does it feel? Is it loose? Can some give a a detailed review of these diapers, cause I'm looking forward to those ABU Cushies. Anyone?

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    Don't know about these, but a few years back I tried one company that was selling "one-tape adult diapers"...only they basically turned out to be completely rectangular disposable bed pads that had one small, regular sized tape at the top of each side.

    They were ~completely~ worthless and their sizing chart was totally out of whack. Their "X-Large" couldn't even fit someone with a 32" waist! But even if they had been large enough they wouldn't have worked right at all since it would have been like trying to use a towel as a diaper.

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    If you really want some form of "one tape" diaper, I would recommend the reusable ones they sell here:
    NiceDiaper.Com - all is wholesale price

    You can read my review of them here:

    They really are the absolute *BEST* reusable diaper, both as far as quality *AND* cost (even with the international shipping from China).

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