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Thread: Hey y'all, I'm back!

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    Default Hey y'all, I'm back!

    So, after an unannounced hiatus from this site, I've returned! I was never really planning to leave, but rather I just got caught up with life outside here.

    In the past months I've been busy getting settled into a new town, a new job, and getting engaged (the latter of which isn't going as well as I'd like, but that's a topic for another thread, heheh). All in all I can't complain, and it's good to be back here. I'm curious how many of the familiar faces I left behind are still around, and look forward to meeting the new ones .

    Anyway, that's it - just saying hi.

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    wb to the site , i wondered where you had went

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    Welcome Back! I seriously have not seen you here in awhile but Welcome Back!

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    It's good to have you back. I always appreciate what you have to say. You usually don't mince words..haha.

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    ^^ i remember you

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