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Thread: Be careful DHL spam

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    Exclamation Be careful DHL spam

    I have received an e-mail purporting to be from DHL the delivery company telling me that there is a parcel for me but they could not find my address. There was a zip attachment which I was supposed to open to get the ticket number and phone number to get the parcel waiting for me. I was concerned that they should need to use a zip file for something so small in memory.
    I phoned DHL and they informed me that they are aware of it and told me that it is a massive spam and that they are tryiong to sort it out.
    I was of course advised to delete the e-mail. I have been telling friends and so far two of them have told me that they have also received one and deleted it feeling it was a false one.
    I mention this in case there are people who have items delivered to them by DHL or other carriers, and to be careful if they get one from DHL and to check first, just in case it is not from them.

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    This of course is your best defense against malicious code. If a company e-mails you requesting information, be skeptical. If, for example, I suddenly got an e-mail from FedEx similar to the one above, I would immediately be on my guard, because fedex has brought me all sorts of things, from diapers to monitors. So they know where I live. The same thing goes for banks and government agencies. If a bank suddenly e-mails you out of the blue looking for information they already have, be worried. Most banks, (all the ones I use, at any rate) do not send nor solicit personal information through e-mail. They all have secure messageing systems through their online account access systems, and you can always call them.

    What bigboy did in this case is exactly right. Get the companies phone number from a third party (phone book) and call them. It's a dangerous world out there, and a fool and his money are soon parted.

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    It truly is a dangerous world and we all need to be on the watch for stuff tha is too good to be true and also for the Nigerian Princes out there.

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    Sounds like a classic spam'n'spy attack to me. Like others before me have already said: Do NOT open any attachments that you AREN'T expecting to show up, even IF it's from someone you know. Such attachments are probably decompression bombs; or worse yet (and far more commonly), contain malware designed to retrieve sensitive information from you.

    Anyways, good for you on recognizing bad e-mail at first sight. You have no idea how many hapless [morons] have already followed through with the e-mails instructions. Cuz then they bring their pcs to people like me who get to charge them $$$ to fix their problem.

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