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    Tapeworms have always interested me. They used to have a remedy where they'd starve the person infected with a tapeworm, and then hold pungent food outside the patient's mouth and make the tapeworm come to get it. Unfortunately (I've read that) tapeworms can snap at most any of their sometimes one hundred plus segments and grow a new one, which is what happened when they tried to pull it out. Tapeworms are parasites and deserve nothing more for their crimes! That is, eating my delicious digested food!

    Of course, they're disgusting all the same. Enjoy the picture!

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    WOW. That pretty sums it up and the illustrations are just amazing.

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    I see a new avatar. I wonder why no one is a tape worm furry?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    I see a new avatar. I wonder why no one is a tape worm furry?
    I know someone who isn't familiar with the concept of vore...

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