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Thread: Velcro added to tapes?

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    Default Velcro added to tapes?

    Anyone else put bits of velcro over the tapes? This of course only works for cloth-covered diapers but for me who's pretty fanatical about a nice tight fit it's great for easy re-adjusting and the velcro on the Abena X-Plus Air seems to work better than the tapes. Guessing because the fibrous nature of the "air" cover doesn't work well with tape.

    I would mind a regular tape-style diaper with velcro instead of tapes since it seems to work well. For plastic covered diapers there could be a felt-ish landing zone.

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    I think using velcro on plastic backed diapers might drive up the production costs and as a result drive up the cost to the consumer as well. I know there are many people who truly need to wear diapers and keeping the cost down is important.

    Who knows though someone might come up with a cost effective diaper design like that.

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    Most people that use diapers 24/7 learned how to tape them so do not need to re tape them...

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    Good point though. Re-adjustable tapes do seem to be a selling point. But yeah, sounds like it'd push up costs. Your bit of DIY sounds cool though, banter, I like the ingenuity although I'm not sure I could be bothered to regularly modify in that way. Usually the tapes work just fine. But if they didn't, that'd be a good idea.

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    That's a pretty nifty idea. I've never tried cloth backed adult diapers myself though. So I don't really have any need for velcro.

    One modification I've used regularly though is to stick a short length of wide, clear packing tape accross the front of the diaper. This allows you to stick the top tapes to the newly created 'taping panel'. You will find that the tapes will now be easily adjustable without risk of ripping any plastic.

    You can also print some diaper tape designs like the ones available here:

    Tapes (thanks pamperchu)

    Then it's simply a matter of using one length of wide packing tape slightly wider and longer than the design and taping it over the printed strip and onto the front of your diaper. It is really easy to create your own designs and personalise to your liking.

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    Thanks, didn't even think about that. That too is a good suggestion.

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