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Thread: Snow!!!

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    Default Snow!!!

    The weather peoples are calling for 5" to 10" in the Triangle area, NC. My excitement is palpable. I love snow, mostly because it doesn't come often in my area, and for there to be forecast a sizable accumulation is indeed rare.

    The last time we got this much was 10 years, and 6 days ago when 22" fell on the RDU area. My wife, who moved down here from far northern climes, started building an igloo in the front yard of the place we had just moved into at the time. All of the neighbor's curiosity over the structure made for an excellent segway to meeting the new folks on the street. We were invited to a sled party that night on a road that was steep enough to make you run at nearly the posted speed limit (35mph). The course was lit with candles inside paper bags, and there were 3 ATVs' with ski ropes lashed behind to tow the sledders back up the hill. It was truly sublime. The people we met were awesome, very hospitable, and my corn-fed southern ass hadn't seen snow like that. EVAR!!!

    I know there's some of you here that live in NC, and will see some of the white stuff this weekend What's your plans for playing in the snow? Know of any good hills around?

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    I'm from Nebraska, but if I died without ever seeing a single flake of snow in person again, I'd die happier for it.

    I'm actually planning on moving to an area that never gets snow just to get away from it.

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    I am sooo glad another winter storm is going to miss me again, whoever is in charge of this winter I want to thank them very much,

    If it never snowed again I would not miss it at all.

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    I live up in Virginia, and they are calling for 3" (I live just north of the Tidewater area). People out here are in full on panic mode, I heard at work today that the local Food Lion was out of milk and bread. Me and many of my co-workers moved down from northern climes as well, so our reaction is "meh. gotta watch out for crazies on the roads"

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    Haha dcviper, my wife and I got done with our mad mad grocery shopping this afternoon because of the 3-5 inches of snow we might get. Yes....they were absolutely crazy, and we had to buy different branda of eggs and bread because our brands were shopped out. Since my wife is from Ohio and I'm from New Jersey, I've got to say that Virginians go nuts when it snows.

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    My son will be happy, and as long as I don't get called in to work and we don't loose power I guess I'll be happy with him. The problem with living in the sticks is loosing internet anytime the weather is bad.

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    We have about 4 inches of mixed freezing rain, sleet, and snow in Arkansas tonight. Was fun to get out in a friends rally car and play.

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    Nice to hear that the snow is appreciated at least somewhere.
    We have more than enough here, I believe we've passed 60 CM by now.
    It's pretty darn fun to drive on icy roads though!

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    I plan on moving in my 20's too a place where I can snowboard every year. After my mom dies. I'll only have on reason to stay down here. Furry friends. But I do like the snow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valerye View Post
    I plan on moving in my 20's too a place where I can snowboard every year. After my mom dies. I'll only have on reason to stay down here. Furry friends. But I do like the snow.

    I like snow if it's on TV, once you live where it is a daily thing you will not care for it.

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