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Thread: Undies over Diapers?

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    Default Undies over Diapers?

    so does anyone wear underwear over their diapers ...if so what kind of undies

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    Nope. Not much else to say. When I wear a diaper, it is my undergarment . So yeah, no undies.

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    Yes, it quiets the noise and makes it less likely that people will know I'm wearing one, especially in public. Usually boxers but underwear does a much better job with sound dampening. if I'm home, i usually don't care at all.

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    I do about half the time. It's usually just because I was already wearing underwear.

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    Yes I wear boxers over my diaper only when in public

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    I voted yes.

    As long as I'm home alone, there's no point in wearing anything but my diaper (and a t-shirt, if it's not summer). However, as soon as I wear normal pants with my diapers, either at home or out in public, I put on a pair of underwear (boxer-briefs). They keep the diaper in place in case it starts sagging, and they also significantly reduce noise, and the last thing you want when going out in public is being discovered.
    Besides, when I go out in public, I rarely take a new diaper with me. So if I have to change out of the diaper for whatever reason before returning home, I can just remove the diaper and have my proper underwear on me already and I'll be properly dressed (and all guys know how disturbing it is to have your parts rub on the rather rough surface on your pants!).


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    I am quite a lot like peachy. I am normally quite content to be in just my diaper (and diaper cover) and t-shirt. Sometimes i will wear my onesie during the day (if i am having a babyish day) but i mostly wear my onesie at night. If i am going out and need a nappy "just in case" I will normally take a change in my bag. but i do where some boxers over the top just to help keep things discreet.


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    If I'm just hangin out at home it's usually just in a shirt and diaper... very comfortable.
    If I'm out on a quick errand I typically just toss some pants on over my diaper and hit the road.

    However, if I'm out all day... work for example... I prefer a nice pair of panties over my diaper. They subdue the crinkle... help support the diaper when it gets heavy from multiple wettings, keep my pants from rubbing a hole in the outer skin of the diaper, and are generally cute and comfortable.

    Being that I find men's briefs to be boreing... and boxers to be wholly useless... panties work quite well for me. Call it my feminine side... who knows... it's just what makes me happy.

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    Only when I'm out somewhere...It's partially for quieting the sound...And also partly that it will look like im wearing underwear rather than diapers if it were to show

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    I agree with everyone would help dampen the sound and disguise the fact you are wearing a diaper....and the only time you would need to do that is if you are in public or around parents

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