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    Default protective underwear

    Hello all,

    Just a quick question for those of you that may need protective underwear. First, I do privately use diapers recreationally but normally I have decent control. That being said, I do have some IBS type symptoms and get a little bit of, buttsweat for lack of a better term - it's just clear liquid from my ass area but enough to wet my underwear and even my pants. Also, I occasionally get a little poop leak that's generally unwelcome.

    Anyway, I just wear dark pants but I was thinking that disposable underwear would be an alternative and keep me more tidy and allow me to wear my tan pants occasionally too.

    All I can find are disposable underwear that are "moderate to heavy" and I don't need to evacuate my bowels in them - in fact, that really isn't an option. Wearing diapers in public/at work or thick pull-ups isn't an option either.

    Are there pull-up/disposable underwear that are shaped like regular male briefs, don't make noise, and are fairly thin while still offering a tiny bit of protection? I can't be seen in what amounts to a diaper, but I don't want to be seen with wet spots or stained through skid marks either.

    Any advice?

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    What about male guards?

    I have found that Tena pull-ups are very discreet...

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    Butterfly Mage


    The Attends pullups are pretty discrete and don't make any noise at all.

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    Tena makes a pretty discreet pullup, they have new gender specific ones. They actually offer a free sample. I can tell you that they are probably what you are looking for as they are quite discreet and a bit thinner than regular pullups I.E. depend pullups/refastenables. They are also not plain white,but rather look like regular underwear, albeit NOT fashionable underwear. They are fairly readily available in the USA.

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    Thank you - I'll check out the tena ones and see how they do.

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    umm i would say tena since you won't be using acctual absorbancy mostly. but other than that i would say you could use some underjams cause they aren't that tjhink

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    None of the cloth outer covering protective underwear, depends etc... make any noise and only you will think they are thick enough to notice in public.
    Trust me, I wore an Abena X Plus for nearly an entire day and my exwife didn't notice until she tried to pinch my butt.

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    Having some soiling accidents due to an inflammatory bowel disease, I've been looking for an everyday solution, cost effective and comfortable to cope with small accidents (only a little liquid) After long research over the internet, I only found this kind of protective cloth underwear made for soiling: PS Healthcare protective underwear. Those consist of two layers of cloth with a plastic liner in between. So it looks and feels like normal underwear. It's the best solution for the OP I guess, because as far as I am concerned, it works fine.
    The good thing with this product is that it's not bulky or noisy, it will prevent embarrassing stains on clothes and allow you to change discreetly if an accident happens.
    Wearing a disposable pad inside might be helpful (no need to change the underwear, only the pad, which is much easier when outside as you don't have to carry your soiled protective pants with you as well as a spare one).
    Hoping this helps.

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    I know you mentioned disposables, but consider the washables from hygenics. They have a no-stain top-liner and enough absorbency for small bowel accidents. I wear these during the day and even with my current stomach bug I haven't been able to make a stain that the washer could not get out.

    Also, the new Depend for Men have been working well for me, as far as fit and light protection go.

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    I would say try Assurance pullups, cloth exterior, no noise, wears like underwear but can hold enough to get you through til a change. You can wear with slacks or tight jeans and can't tell. I usually wear underwear over them just for the heck of it. No one can tell and gives plenty of protection. They are very compact out of the bag so extras can fit just about anywhere. I can change them in any public bathroom and no one can hear me change either. For what you are saying you need, I say give these a shot. They are cheap and I get mine at Wal-Mart.

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