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Thread: Most child-like adult pullup

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    Default Most child-like adult pullup

    Hey everybody, I know this topic has been addressed before, so I'm not really trying to restart it (so please don't FLAME the hell out of me), but I want to keep it fresh on people's minds. I'm sure we would all LOVE to have more child-like diapers AND pullups available. Anyone hear anything new about more child-like pullups?

    Just checking 'cause since I bought my new superhero underwear from Walmart (and wearing all the time now) I've been wanting to wear pullups more and more, too.


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    i would say the closest you'll get to a child-like adult pull up would be to put transparent stickies or overlays on depends or other brief pull on types. also, you could go with training pants for teens, but they won't have the babyish patterns you're looking for i think.

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    Yeah unfortunately most adult pull-ups are not only un child like they are designed by idiots. They lack leak guards and the padding is terrible. Even the stretchy sides are awful on most. It sucks that a baby pull up or goodnite is less likely to leak assuming you could get it on than an adult one and adult ones cost more

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    GoodNites/DryNites are probably the largest "kiddy" pull-ups you'll get readily available.

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    Even the decent adult pullups don't look anything like the kids ones. They all have different material and design.

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    The closest I have ever used was the very first Walgreen's adult pull-up that came out just after Depends started making them. The fit was good, absorbent and they had standing leak guards. Sadly they are not carried any more. Something similar may be available in Japanese brands since that is where they were made. They were very expensive. I want to say they were $11.99 for a 10 pack.

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    Thanks guys for responding. Looks like I'm really out of luck on this one until someone (or some company) out there decides to manufacture said product. Just keep your eyes and ears open for news of such a pull up.


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    Goodnites and Pull-ups work for me!
    But, hell... I'm 4'9 and I weigh 78 pounds, so that may have something to do with it :rofl:

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    If you didn't mind wearing cloth like toddlers did years ago, Gabby makes a cloth pull up that's quite nice. If you go to EBAY and type in adult cloth diapers, they come up, and they have babyish prints. I have a 30/32 waste, and small fits me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MyWorld08 View Post
    Just checking 'cause since I bought my new superhero underwear from Walmart (and wearing all the time now) I've been wanting to wear pullups more and more, too.
    That is awesome! Sorry, I love cartoon underwear although I have always worn size 8 (largest they come in for boys). I wear a regular diaper at night and use the new Mens Depends during the day with my underwear over them most of the time.

    But as everyone said the designed are very basic.

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