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Thread: ABU Cushies

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    Default ABU Cushies

    Abu Cushies - DailyDiapers Boards & Chat

    Check it out! They look JUST LIKE Baby Diapers! I'm totally going to buy these if I have the money...
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    ABU has a lot of customer service issues. Buyer beware.

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    That looks frikin sweet......i realy want those....they look amazing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mako View Post
    ABU has a lot of customer service issues. Buyer beware.
    Funny. I've never had a problem with them... I like them better with Bambinos, too.

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    yeah, same , i got a sample pack of bambinos and super dry kids from ABU and both arrived like in 2-3 days. Now I also liked the ABU so ordered monday and getting tomorrow, so i haven't had a problem with them yet; read somewhere that they are getting better with customer service.
    BUt yeah, those new ones look awesome, i might try those out when i run low on the super dry kids. Thanks for the post.
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    I have a couple friends who have ordered from ABU and have never had any problems.

    I e-mailed them a long time ago with a question about whether or not I can pay them with a money order (don't mean to thread-jack but maybe someone here would know the answer to that) and never heard back from them.

    I suppose it's hit-and-miss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicky View Post
    Have a link to just the picture? My school blocks that website
    Seconded. The ABU site itself doesn't have a description or pictures up yet.

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    They do look pretty awesome. Are there any other higher res pictures?

    It's a shame ABU have ruined their reputation like they have done. I've always heard really good things about them when people actually receive their orders.

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