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Thread: Well. Apple is selling Max(iPad)s now.

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    Talking Well. Apple is selling Max(iPad)s now.

    If you have seen the news recently today, one of the most significant news is the Apple Meeting that happens each year to discuss new products was today. Today, Mr. Jobs introduced the iPad, the long awaited touchscreen tablet (PC) device from Apple. Long awaited, many were shocked in how the iPad will only start at $499 USD.

    Apple Home Page

    Personally, I own an iPod touch to which I believe is the best invention in the past 10 years and I feel that I would just be buying another one of those but 9". I can't multitask, I can't use USBs and realistically, its an iPod touch with a 1 GHz processor. That's it.

    What's your opinion on today's find by Apple?

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    It'd be absolutely great for me. It would be a lot like a cintiq tablet, but it would be a hell of a lot easier to carry around with me to sketch with. I was going to get an itouch, but I said "fuck it" because it was so tiny and I really need something larger with me when I work on the go. (Hence why I hate cell phones.) As long as I have a stylus I can use with it for drawing on Tegaki E or Oekaki or heck, even SAI or Photoshop, I will be in heaven. <3

    tl;dr: So getting one because it's like a sketchbook that connects to the INTERNET. FUCK YEAH.

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    When I', having a heavy day, I always reach for an iPad Max.

    Think about it.

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    I like it, I think it's pretty cool.

    But......I have a MacBook and an iPod Touch, and this doesn't really do anything "new" that I need. I probably won't be getting one anytime soon, but it's pretty neat regardless.

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    It took me a while to realize all the tampon/maxipad jokes that came around to this.

    And NeiNei, there are also plans with AT&T for a 3G service plan for the iPad.

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    Haha...I thought of maxi pads too, and I'm a guy. Been around my wife too long!

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    no multitasking is an autoturnoff. and the cost is oh so high, the iPhone has more apps for better cost and is a phone, has a camera, functionality, able to be put in your pocket..

    It doesn't even have a USB port...

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    Its a neat concept and all, but I'm like others here and don't want to be told how I can use my $700 toy. Then again I suspect this thing was never intended for my demographic.

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    It seems that the iPad doesn't support flash. I'm not interested in a crippled $500+ multimedia device.

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