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Thread: Which diaper is better?

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    Default Which diaper is better?

    Bambino Classico or Bambino Bianco?
    They are different?

    I don't care about the price. Is Bambino really the best of the best?
    Not considering price.

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    Little ollie


    Classic has baby prints and bianco don't. There pretty good diapers, though I'd say albenas are better,

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    Your best bet is to buy sampel packs and find the diaper that fits you like you want, and then buy a larger quantity.

    I only buy a case if I like the fit and the preformance of the diaper.

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    It's strange actually. I found the Classico to be a bit more physically comfortable than the Bianco. It's hard to tell though. I didn't even want to try the Classico at first because something about the "BABY" print was a bit unsettling to me (I creep myself out when I think about what I actually look like wearing a baby diaper). I only bought the sample pack of them because the Bianco was out-of-stock at the time.

    I just bought another sample pack of each though to compare. Should be here in a few days. I'll post my findings.

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    They're identical (Classico has prints).

    They're my favorite. They are not perfect, but I think they're pretty close.

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    Both samples came today and I personally think the Classico are better. For me, they seem to have a better, more comfortable fit than Biancos. And on the Biancos, either the tapes are too sticky or plastic isn't as strong, because I went to pull the bottoms tapes off so I could readjust it when I was first putting it on, and the plastic ripped immediately from a very gentle tug on the tapes. The Classicos never did this, but both of my first Biancos did as well as this one.

    Also, for whatever reason, the Biancos feel very stiff. I just stood up to walk around a little, and the whole diaper felt like it was frozen in place. The back of the diaper, where I was sitting on it, and the area between my legs was all bunched up, and wouldn't come unbunched without me sticking my hands down the back of my pants to fix it.

    They are definitely a little different. I think they use a different kind of plastic or something (maybe something to do with the printing process. Like they use a plastic in the Classicos that make them easier/better to print to.) I don't really know for sure, but they do have differences in how they feel.

    I think I'm gonna stick with the Classicos from now on.

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