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Thread: Avatars !

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    Question Avatars !

    I was just thinking about the avatars we all use here on this forum and others. (for the sake of this thread i'd like to keep it to the avatar you use here on ADISC)

    In short our avatars are a visual display of what we would have others see whenever they read our posts, or view our profiles and the like...

    They obviously give first impressions, and they can be visual keys to those who know and recognize us by the images we choose to display.

    Im simply wondering why some of the people here choose the images they have chosen, obviously many of us feel that it represents what they desire others to see them as, and for quite a lot of us its simply something about us that we just love and want to show to everyone.

    I want to know where you got the idea for your avatar, why you choose it, what it means to you, why you believe its a suitable image to have everyone view you as ... or really any reason in particular that picture is in the corner of all your posts.. some may be obvious, but then again not everyone here is a master of the obvious and at inferencing.

    I'll Start: To me my avatar is an image i fell in love with immediately, i know its quiet popular but when i first saw it only one thing ran threw my mind "OMFG THATS SO MEE XD"

    Literally from the color of the hair, to the non-chalant sleeping position, to the super amazing plushie, to my complete adoration of hoodies (yes even to bed =P), to the careless strewing of diaper related items recklessly out in the open surrounding me on my bed (should go with out saying i've been/still sometimes are, a bedwetter), i feel it is an accurate representation of my lifestyle.. my disposition.. and my true desire. Even the fact that i had to crop it and flip it on its side just shows that i hate looking like everyone else no matter how slight the difference is, because its still there. it makes it look like im really laying down.

    Anyways How about You ? ^__^

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    She's cute and looks like me a bit. Not really, but whatever.

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    I was mostly inspired by xdeadx who used to have a different T.K. avatar every week or so back when he was active. I was wondering where I'd get loads of different images of the same cute character. I found it from FFIII DS.

    I picked Ingus because he had the best image for the Ninja class which was the first I used. Later I used the Black Mage class (because I was reading 8 bit theater at the time and 8BT's black Mage is cool - that's him firing the boatdoken in my sigpic), then red Mage (because it was christmas coloured). Now I have the Devout class version. I kind of regret choosing Infus now, because that hood is a cute moogle hood and he's the only with it down in his picture.

    Before that, others I remember are one from Tales of Vesperia and one of Goten and Trunks. To me the goten/trunks one looked like whispering, but to others it looked like kissing *shrugs*
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    Tool is freakin gnarly, plus it's a sweet picture. One day I needed an avatar, and I was listening to Lateralus or something, and I was like "Man, that talking toucan that peddles cereal to kids would be cool, but this is just too rad to pass up". That might not have been how it weant at all actually, but it's still a gnarly avatar, and different than most folks's's's, which is nice.

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    Kind of matched my name

    This picture was just found on google, but as soon as my ankle shapes up I'm going to take my own pastrami sammich picture.

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    It's a chibi-version of myself, and it has my favourite colour in there! Purpleee~

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    Its well kelly jones and ummm... im in love lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeiNei View Post favourite colour in there! Purpleee~
    Yay! Purple isn't just a colour any more - it's so good they do it in Braille.

    Anyway, I chose my avatar cos it sort of matches the way I (would like to) see myself - young, cute and innocent.

    I had to trawl through hundreds of images to find it... and I wish I'd kept a copy so I could make the background transparent and re-upload it. It will eventually torment me enough that I spend 48-hours locked in my room trying to find it again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiny View Post

    I had to trawl through hundreds of images to find it... and I wish I'd kept a copy so I could make the background transparent and re-upload it. It will eventually torment me enough that I spend 48-hours locked in my room trying to find it again.
    Right click the image on the site and there should be an option saying Save As/Save Image As (depending on your browser
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    My avatar is related to the Children's TV Show Chowder. Specifically one of my favorite characters in Ceviche. I just thought it was a nice avatar and it can really point out several aspects of myself such as my love of Chowder, one-piece swimsuits, and my bisexuality (Ceviche is male). I do plan to at least change it periodically to other Chowder characters relating to holidays such as Panini for Valentines Day and Endive for Mardi Gras. But for now, its Ceviche.

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