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Thread: The Ps3 is no longer unhackable!

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    Default The Ps3 is no longer unhackable!

    Geohot who you may remember as the one who jailbroke the first iphone. Has announced today the he has fully hacked the Ps3 and you will be able to mod and hombrew it now.

    Hotz claimed that he achieved "read/write access to the entire system memory, and HV level access to the processor". Hotz also detailed that his work could allow homebrew, PS2 emulation and eventually the capability to run pirated PS3 games.

    I don't own a Ps3 but I have to say this DAMN!

    Thoughts on the new vulnerabilities?

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    wow really, where can i find out more info on this please

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    pissed i bet thay've just shat them selves now, i espect anyone who is liked thiers to the net will be reciving a pach anytime soon to safe gard agenst this

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    The PS3 still needs a bit more good games before I'd ever consider it, not to mention GT5 STILL isn't out.. what the hell is up with that bullshit? Someone's letting Forza 3/360 kick their ass. :P

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    This is momentous news that im sure sony will be developing against ... you know people who've invested millions of dollars won't just let it drain away due to an unlicensed hacker...

    I would totally keep one PS3 modded and one on the net though ... and Walex there is more then just two versions of the PS3, and as others have said... OP where is the info on this ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by walex View Post
    Any source on this? Does it affect both models?
    Doesn't affect the slim. It's hardware based, so patches can change make things difficult, but not prevent it.

    Source is here - the guy's a bit of a dick, but he is legit, and fairly major in the area of iPhone jailbreaking.

    At the moment it's fairly useless because it requires a lot of technical knowledge to do, and provides very little benefit - like the iPhone at first. Eventually software like the original and Cydia might come along for homebrew apps.

    And then pirated games will come along to the horror of Sony (for obvious reasons) and homebrew writers (because it makes them look dodgy).

    More details

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    It had to happen sooner or later, someone just had to do it.
    However; I'm sticking to the PS3 I have. There'll be no hacking here and in addition it will save me the trouble of... trouble.

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