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Thread: Obviously I'm not new.

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    Default Obviously I'm not new.

    But I feel like I havent shared anything about myself, I made this account awhile ago, cant remember when. Anyway here I go.

    I'm Taylor, I'm a sophmore in highschool age 16 and I'm a male, I live in Minnesota!
    I'm a very friendly, and I can sometimes be alittle shy, I'm an open minded person. I pretty much accept anyone.

    My hobbies...
    I like to play videogames, Exercise/lifting weights, smoke alittle weed, and well just have fun with my friends.
    No one really knows about my DL/Tb side.. except for my younger brother and my dad... I dont know if they know its a fetish or lifestyle.

    And well If you have any questions just PM me or something
    Yay! I'm glad I got I that outta the way
    I sorta felt alittle guilty not having a propper Introduction, but thats probably because I didn't think I'd stick around here, But I do now hehe. Thanks.

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    I just wanted to recommend to you--and any other readers--that it's not a good idea to share name and home town on the internet--especially on a forum such as this one. First off, it's not necessary: there's no good reason to provide that level of identifying info. Second, by putting that out there for the internet-literate world to see, you increase the risk of privacy-breach. If you don't want folks to have the opportunity to connect the dots and discover this part of your life, then don't provide the dots. There was a conversation on here not too long ago about things along these lines.

    Anyhow, enough proselytizing for now.

    I also used to really enjoy video games. I think I still would these days if I wasn't so lazy and cheap that I actually went out and bought stuff (like hardware, software). I'll always have fond memories though. And with some tenacity, I'll have Master of Orion 2 running again. Older games are more fun for me. But maybe not Doom. Gosh...I miss games now.

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    Hi, PsychoRomance. Welcome to ADISC. Great intro., I do hope it does not cause you any problems down the road. PostTenebrasLux's advise is sound and wise, it's best to be wary, but I also hope that this does not scare you away either. Anyway, have fun and enjoy your time here at ADISC.

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    Thank you lol, I've actually been on for a few weeks actually, but ill use your advice... I don't know what I was thinking haha

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    Minnesota? That's almsot as terrible as Iowa. Welcome anyways...even if you're not new. You seem like a person, I'm not sure about an interesting one. Have you ever had a Robert Munsch book based on you? Is Meat Loaf the coolest singer ever or what? Like seriously, this dude is terrific. I don't even care that he didin't write most of this stuff, Paradise by the Dashboard Lights has more musical excellence than anything that's every happened in the genre of... oh, I dunno, New Wave and Alternative combined. Isn't that crazy?

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    Welcome to ADISC! How bout dem Vikings!!!!! (Just had to gloat!) I hope you enjoy your time here and our supportive community! Peace and Love

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    welocme to ADISC!

    Hope you love everything about this site!

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