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Thread: Your first diapers compared to when you get them now

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    Default Your first diapers compared to when you get them now

    I'm sure we all remember our first time getting diapers again since childhood. It is after all, one of the major milestones for any *B/DL. Many of us can talk in a lot of detail about the process of buying them, how nervous we were, how good they felt, etc.

    Likewise, most of us are now more confident when buyig them, and especially for those of us who get them most frequently, the act of buying is a non-event. This doesn't quite apply to me (and probably a few others), as I very rarely get a chance to get diapers, so every time is a rare event. I tend to wonder if the effect of having them starts to wear off as well as just the stress off buying for those who get them more frequently, however.

    So, I guess my question is this: Are diapers as satisfying now for you as the first time you got them? Does the amount of times you get them have any effect on it?

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    The first time is always the hardest...
    I remember riding my sister's pink Huffy eight miles for a pack of Dollar General generic sleep pants...
    I was ten cents short, and the old crone behind the counter said I owed her... Never paid her back :P... The good thing was that I was too exhausted to be nervous, so I just did it...
    The only thing I worry about nowadays is running into someone I know when I'm buying, but since I can now drive and pick and choose when and where to go, so otherwise I'm totally carefree

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    My first time I rode my bike 3 miles. >.>
    Now it's only a 3 minutes walk. haha

    I normally buy online, with my parents money. (They know about it, and encourage expressing yourself.) No awkwardness for me when it comes to buying diapers.

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    I always still do sort of freak out when buying diapers still, although the first diaper in a new pack feels just as good as it did the first time

    Although it isn't as bad anymore now that I have the habit of drinking 200 mg of caffeine before going out.

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    The first time I bought diapers I was very nervous and sweaty and i would look around to make sure that nobody was around it was a big ordeal. Now I just walk in pick up what I need an purchase the supplies I do get a little nervous still when there is a female who chicks me out but still not a problem. But in regards to your question I have been purchasing more diapers in the last 6 months and my desire to wear them has not changed at all. It is actually more because i am trying different types and styles of diapers.

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    some of us dont have a first time, we have always had diapers and I have never been to the store to buy them, I always buy them online. I do remember my first CLOTH diapers though (around 8 years ago), and I learned fast how much of a pain they are to take care of

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    I never got good diapers when I was little. I would always get the realy crappy baby diapers. But now i get pretty decent diapers so its all good. But diapers are allways satisfiying to me no matter how i get them.

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    First diapers after training were Goodnites. My sister sent me into Wal-Mart after picking up our family's pizza to buy drinks and guinea pig food (Not for the pizza) so this all happened DURING the remodeling of the store and I got the stuff then found diapers after 3 searches. I dug around till I finally found L/XL and I checked out and managed to get them past my sister (I barely remember how) I got them home and forgot to destroy the reciept which my sister looked at but I don't think she knew anything. I didn't know that you could wet them completely so I only did a little and got scared by the bulge lol

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    last time i bought them (over 6 months ago) it was a sinch
    walk in pay
    walk out
    struff em in my school bag

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    I stole some old pull-ups from my Mon's closet when I was 4. I put one down my pants, and one in my shirt. On my way back to the safety of my room, my mom asked "whats that?" I gave her the old "nothing..." and kept going.

    After a few days of playing around with them, they disappeared, and I was spanked a few times for what seemed like no reason at the time.

    Now I have a PO Box, so I get what I want, when I want!

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