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Thread: Your stash when you are gone

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    Default Your stash when you are gone

    I was just wondering...

    You never hear about things being discovered after someone dies suddenly. I sometimes think about "if I die in my sleep, how am i going to explain my stash." Foolish I know, but still...

    But you never hear about people finding a stash of diapers, or what about the nurseries people building in a special room of their house or basement? I mean, does it occur to people at all what will happen "if and when"?

    But I've never seen a news story or heard people talk about "yeah when XXXX died, they cleaned out his house and they found a basement full of diapers and a giant crib" - either families are really good at hiding secrets, or .. I dunno.

    Does anybody else ever think about what if people find out after you die? Or am I the only morbid person here. lol.

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    I'd say forget about it, you're dead, and noone honorable disrespects the dead(Even if the one who died was a truly evil person, you just don't do it), especially publicly...

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    When I'm gone I won't be worrying about anything that trivial, what can someone say we found a few cases of diapers and a whole bunch of sleepers, and he was wearing a diaper and a sleeper when we found him.

    So what, anyone that knows me knows I wear sleepers everynight, they don't have a clue I think, about the diapers and plastic pants so they find that out, I doubt I would feel embarassed at all.

    I may leave instructions to be buryed wearing one of my sleepers, they are the only suits I have.

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    Meh, if I die suddenly my family will have more to worry about than some weird fetish.

    Obviously if I was expecting to die then I'd remove my stash...

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    In my case, they already know and I somehow think that they will have bigger concerns then what I liked to do in private.

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    You are not alone. I seriously hav thought about the same thing many times. But i realized that if im dead, it doesnt matter cuz i got nothing left to lose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie F View Post
    Meh, if I die suddenly my family will have more to worry about than some weird fetish.
    Aye, same here.
    I don't think for a second that my family would care in the slightest what weird stuff they'd find in my room if I were to die suddenly.
    In addition; I wouldn't do it if one of my family members would suddenly die...
    I don't think that you'll be thinking about a family member's oddity if he/she would die from you...

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    if i died from a long lingering illness people might just assume that incontinence had been one of my symptoms.

    ...of course that still wouldn't explain the sleeper and the pacifier and the bottle. like everyone else has said, i don't think it's worth fretting about too much. if you're dead you're dead. who cares what people know about you then?

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    You could always leave a note or something, (just in case).

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    LOL I think about this all the time. When I was right out of college and still living under my parents roof, if I ever had to go away for a week, or even a few days, I would dump my stash (although one time I stuffed it all in a big plastic bag and hid it in the backyard because I didn't want to throw it out).

    Now I always try to blow through my stash well before I'm going to be doing any traveling. If I don't, I'll bag it up and put it out in a storage unit that I rent...that way its not found in my place so maybe there would be less questions about it....i.e. it could belong to anyone...maybe I'm storing it for a friend...who knows?

    Anyhow, like others have said, If I die, my family will have much more to worry about than what they find in my place.


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