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Thread: Found an attends vendor nearby

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    Default Found an attends vendor nearby

    So I was a big fan of attends when I "first got started" way back with the almost plastic "insides" - you remember, with the blue tapes. Anyway, I have been hearing a lot about the 10s and extended wear, so I looked online and found out that alocal grocery story was an "authorized seller."

    So I went and grabbed some, the local hospital supply shop moved them to behind the counter, and tried them. The plastic is still great, and I really like them. Im not sure how they compare to the extended wear, but the 10s really arent THAT bad. And they are still plastic which is a major plus.

    Its great to know a local grocery store carries more than just the "D" word.

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    Interesting. Attends were my favorite back in the days before internet. Available pretty much anywhere then. I'll have to look around again.

    My biggest surprise find ever was back mid-90's when I found a Freestyle all-in-one at Jewel-Osco. Never saw them again at that store or any other. Unfortunately had to dump them in a purge when the daughter boomeranged with her kids.

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    The Attends locator on their site is great.

    I also found some GREAT plastic briefs at a Ben Franklin store in a small town in Iowa of all places. The plastic is amazinnnnng. I forget the name of the brand since Im out and the store is only open until 5 most nights.

    If I get another pack, I'll post the name in the other forum and a review. I also found some of the old green Depends on clearance and bought them. BIG mistake, I quickly remembered why they were bad and threw them away. lol. No leg gathers, no leak guards, nothing. They leaked right away.

    Things certainly have come a long way since they started putting the "baby" features on adult products.

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