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Thread: Work and frequent peeing?

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    Default Work and frequent peeing?

    I have an issue with having to pee at lest 3-4 times at work ( my current shift is only 4-5 hours long and its in a resturant so i can get away with going that often) but my new job (hopefully) will be an 8 hour shift at Sears and I am sure that they will frown on me going to the restroom like 6 times in my my question is How do i deal with this issue?

    And Dont tell me to just hold it , cause i really cant for too long or it gets to where it really hurts...

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    Ack! I have this same issue man. Doesn't it really suck?

    Aside from the crappy responses someone could give (i.e. wear diapers, bah!), I can say that I really don't have too much great advise (but maybe you could lower fluid intake, if possible?). I can tell you though, from personal experience at working an 8 hour retail job, they should not frown upon you having to use the restroom so much. You can just tell them that you have an overactive bladder, if it becomes an issue. They legally have to accommodate that dude. They don't want a puddle in their woman's clothes or lawn and gardening sections, lol.

    I am moving into a position that allows me to sit for the entire shift (also a shorter shift), and there it is even less of an issue to use the restroom. My advise, is to seek out a job or a position that best accommodates your need. If possible, try to work somewhere in the store that is near the restroom, to make the issue less of an problem for others. Now, if you are alone in a department, this could be tough, but I would make sure to warn them that you have an overactive bladder. That should help, I would hope, to make them realize that you would have to go often.

    I have actually warn Goodnites to work a couple times, but it's awful in that environment, with all the sweating you'll likely be doing. I never used them, but had them just in case. I wouldn't recommend it, though. You said the job is (hopefully) and 8 hour shift. Do you mean that you don't have the job yet? Well, I might consider waiting until after they have already hired you to tell them this, but if they ask if you have any concerns, you should be honest and up front about this. If they like you, this shouldn't be an issue. If this makes them think twice about hiring you, I would reconsider whether or not you want to be working with these guys. If they're that judgmental of you now, how will they be when you are working there....

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    Being in diapers 24/7 really helps me. I work 8 to 13 hour shifts and go many times a day. I just have to be in a good thick diaper for that.

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    well i am pretty sure the job is mine...i applied on sunday and they caleld on monday to ask when can i interview

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    Just tell them up front you'll need to go to the restroom 3-4 times during your shift. If they're that annoyed by it, offer to work an extra 5-10 minutes for free each day to cover the time it takes to go to the bathroom and return.

    Generally, at least in my legal experience, an employer always hires a person - with all the imperfections anyone has. It's not really a reason to complain unless you're disrupting the work process (like train drivers have to stop their train, or factory workers need to stop the entire production process).


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    I know when work went that much complains by my boss becuase I was running to the batroom so much during my work shift . I was told by boss one she said worse than here toddler who was potty training. So start wear diaper so would not have to run to the bathroom so much during work.

    I would try pull up or diaper it you choice but if you wear diaper make sure you bring extra's with you so got enough changes so don't get rash. Also try to get one with odor control that work perfect.

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    Little ollie


    Do you drink a lot of brews at work? (Tea Coffee)

    As that may be the issue I know I need to pee a lot but I drink a lot of brews 8+ a day.

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    It sounds like you have an overactive bladder. Have you gone to a Doctor about this? If it's chronic or becomes severe, you could start having regular accidents and you'll have no choice, but to use a diaper and/or try drug therapy. Another method is to try timed bathroom breaks. Try going to the bathroom at regular intervals so you are not caught in a situation when you have something going on and you have to go. Also, most people with overactive bladders are bathroom mappers. Check the place out, specifically noting where the nearest bathrooms are located.

    One final note. You should not be limiting your intake of water. Dehydration presents another list of problems you should avoid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire_lupine06 View Post
    well i am pretty sure the job is mine...i applied on sunday and they caleld on monday to ask when can i interview
    Well I am a current Sears Employee and one thing i can tell you first about your how your job status is going.

    1st interview is great. you got your foot in the door and one of the 2nd in command managers will give you a small interview.

    2nd Interview is a good sign you have the job and its also the most important. Chances are the Store manager will be your interviewer.

    3rd interview is you starting your training.

    As for your bathroom problems. Depending on your department it might be a bit of a problem but it shouldnt really be a bother to them if you need to go to the bathroom a bit more.

    outa curiousity what part of the store did you apply to?

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    General and they called me less then 24 hours after my app was filled that is good news i hope

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