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Thread: New pretty much at everything.

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    Default New pretty much at everything.

    I actually just posted my first post in another thread. As I mentioned there I hadn't planned on posting at all.

    So I just got my first, well sorta my first, diapers on Tuesday. I'm in my late 20s and made a couple of discoveries that based on fantasy I had not expected.

    First a little about myself. I'm in my late 20s and fairly asexual. I do masturbate but it's not something I often do and it's more like eating or going to the bathroom. It's not something I really find a lot of enjoyment in.

    Even still when I got the diapers I was concerned that I would have a problem I'm sure a lot of guys here have had to deal with. The whole having an erection while trying to wear a diaper. I figured it would make it difficult to put a diaper on and make the fit fairly dodgy. I was kinda surprised to find I'm not really turned on by diapers. I had always thought it was a fetish but it apparently isn't. I just like the feeling. Like drinking a good cup of tea or getting into a warm bed when it's cold. Since I got the internet and fount out I wasn't alone in this odd little quirk I found everyone else seemed to find sexual enjoyment in it. I guess that's why for many years now, 10 plus, I had just thought I too was like that. I see here that there are others here that are not fetishists. So weird, it's something I never fathomed and am rather happy my interest has manifested this way since I find sex a little icky.

    I don't want anyone to get me wrong here. I have no problem with anyone who does fetishize diapers. I always say "I don't care what anyone does as long as they don't hurt anyone else". Likewise the adult baby thing really isn't my thing at all, all power to those for who it is though.

    So the second thing that surprised me was the act of wetting. I had always fantasized about this and also figured the erection thing would cause a problem in trying to do this. Seeing as how that wasn't a problem at all I've tried wetting one of the Abena M4's two times now and... I don't really care for it. I like the idea of being having to wet yourself and the aspect of the diaper keeping it from going everywhere but the actual act of it is just kinda gross and made the M4 lumpy and uncomfortable. To me mind you, again don't want to offend.

    So that's me I guess. Oh and what I ordered:
    - a bag of 14 Abena M4s
    - a sample of 3 Abena pullups
    - a sample of 3 Abena M3s
    - a sample of the two larger sizes of Abena booster pads, which I was surprised didn't come with tape backing. They still work fine though and don't move around at all.

    One last minor thing. I thought I'd be all about thickness at putting on like three diapers at a time with boosters, which I did, but I find that one is plenty and a hellva lot more comfortable.

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    Welcome to ADISC

    Why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself?

    Any hobbies or interests?

    Do you work or study?

    Anyways. Hope to see you posting around

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    Well banter, I'm glad you have found us here at ADISC! I think like you did in the first half of your post, however I have never tried any type of diaper but, like you had said, I also have fantasy's about it.
    Other than your diapers do you have any hobbies. Any games, music, movies, or sports you are passionate about?
    I can't last a day without my xbox and play soccer and both indoor and outdoor track.

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    I'm an artist by profession. I like reading, my parents instilled in me a love of the written word as a kid. I remember in high school when I had more free time I'd read 5 novels a week at times. Not a big sports fan or a fan of video games. I've tried video games many times but nothing really ever holds my interest. I collect toys, mostly expensive 12" doll sort of stuff these days. I'm pretty thin, about 6' 150lbs but not athletic in the least. Sports to me where always a mystery as to why anyone did them.

    The thing I'm most passionate about is a big story I'm trying to get together between writing and my artwork. I'd love to show you guys some things I have done but I'm fairly well known in certain circles and I'm a bit weary of posting anything that might identify me. Hope you guys understand.

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    Completely, you said you like reading novels? what novels or book series do/did you enjoy reading?
    Some of my favorite books include the chronicles of narnia, the eragon series, and The fire within books. I was not too keen on the Harry potter books or Artemis fowl books. Both of which I stopped reading after the second book.
    I also like writhing however, I can never finish a story.

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    Big Narnia fan as a kid (and an adult). I was also a big Jack London fan when I was a kid but as an adult can't stand him. Read the first two Narnia books as well as Call of the Wild and White Fang when I was in 2nd grade. I still to this day remember reading White Fang which was the first novel I ever read. Books offer that experience of getting inside a character that movies never can. I do love me some movies but movies are a newer love while I've loved reading since I knew how.

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    Welcome to ADISC! =I hope you enjoy your time here and our supportive community! Unfortunately, I am a person who wishes they were able to be consistent in reading but has a very short attention span for reading. And also if you do in fact have stories of fiction or nonfiction, there is a forum in which you can post finished stories. Peace and Love

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    I'm more of an artist than a writer. I have a lot of story treatments but can't actually write a story to save my life.

    On the subject of reading I tend to read a lot of fantasy or sci-fi stuff. Basically figuring what's the point of telling a story if it's going to be realistic . I'm a big fan of Terry Pratchett. I've also read all the Harry Dresden books, they're trashy pulp stuff and I love that. I also read a lot of comics in addition to novels. Both Japanese and American/British. I'm also a big horror fan but it's hard to find good horror fiction be it comics or novels. I tend to get my horror fix more through movies than anything else.

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    Welcome to the site, Banter. I enjoy both reading and writing as well. Presently I am working on a novel. I'm beyond 300 pages, 85,000 words, with no end in site. It's about a haunting. I too love horror novels, though like you, have read the Narnia series. I'm also a fan of Stephen King. I can't draw a straight line, but I'm a professional musician.

    I'm sure you'll find plenty of folks on this site who just wear diapers, and don't get off in them. We contain a large variety of users, from one extreme to the other.

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