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Thread: What is you runnin?

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    Default What is you runnin?

    Just curious... Vote in the poll b4 posting plz.

    Mac OS X Snow Leopard (hence Mac geek) for me

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    Windows XP Professional on my desktop, Vista (SUCKS!!!!) Home Premium on my laptop. Probably be doing an upgrade to 7 soon for my laptop.

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    Windows seven and iPhone os 3.whatever. I use the phone enough for it to be a second computer.

    Oh. And later in the year I'm getting a chrome os netbook. I guess that's still technically Linux but I prefer calling it chrome.

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    Mac Snow Leopard Here on the laptop and Windows 2000 on my XP SP2 on my PC

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    • Desktop: Windows 7 Ultimate RC (will be going to Win7 Professional Retail once I have time to reinstall it)
    • Laptop: Windows 7 Professional (also an Ubuntu partition that I rarely use)
    • Server: Ubuntu (Desktop)
    • VM #1: Ubuntu Server
    • VM #2: Ubuntu Server
    • VM #3: Windows Home Server
    • iPod Touch: iPhone OS 3.1.2 (Since we're apparently including portable devices now )
    • Mobile Phone: Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional (build 28011.5.5.0 from xda-developers)

    (I have other VMs of various OSes, but I've only listed above the three which are permanently running)

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    Im running Windows XP and Linux Ubuntu on my desktop.

    I would run Windows 7 but my sound card dont like 7

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    No multiple choice? Some of us dual boot.

    My Desktop (primarily for gaming): Windows Server 2008 R2 (Basically Windows 7)/Fedora
    My laptop (mainly for programming, web browsing): Ubuntu/Windows Vista

    Ordered by usage. I don't see why people hate Vista so much. It's been fine for me, and I couldn't go back to XP after using it (hence the desktopified Server 2008r2 - I got it free from Microsoft Dreamspark)

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