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Thread: Which sites, which brand?

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    Default Which sites, which brand?

    So I'm wondering, are there any sites that are known to take cash, not money order, and have top of the line in absorbency like Abena's or Bambino's? I'm looking for as much absorbency as possible, am willing to save lots of money for it, and would like to cash. Any recommended sites/brands? I think I saw something somewhere about North Shore Care or something like that?

    Edit: On it's website, the Secure X-Plus makes this claim: "Superior brief to Abena X Plus and Molicare Super Plus"

    Edit two: Abri-form mediums take 32 oz., whereas the second best Secure product takes 42, and their brief takes more than that.
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    Check out the links department, it'll help.

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    I did, none of them say if the company will take straight cash as opposed to money order.

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    No company will accept cash. They wouldn't trust their employees to give that to their superiors rather than putting it into their own pockets and claiming the letter came in empty. Plus there's a high risk of cash getting stolen in the mail.


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    i think this would be the best place to ask this.
    Who lives in the uk and has ordered directly from abena ?
    I've ordered this morning and wondered how quick they were to shipping within the uk?
    Also do they use royal mail or private ? - just incase i'm not there to collect ?
    naturally i assume they're discreet like most suppliers would be ?

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    Funkybeanie, I ordered from abena many many years ago, IIRC, it was via parcel farce, and was discreet. Can't remeber the time it took through. I suggest ordering from other companies, they seem quite expensive direct :X.

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    Honestly, I would just go get a prepaid credit card and order them that way. I can also say that while I was in Chicago I've found some really nice diapers, molicare supers namely.

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    yeah i noticed they weren't cheap, baffles me tho?
    u'd think buying ice from eskimos wud cheaper ? why is that.

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