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Thread: pooping while sitting down

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    Default pooping while sitting down

    Does Anyone have hard time pooping in there diaper while there sitting down
    I find it really hard to it more easyer while your stand for some reasion.

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    I do too, because the chair plugs up the ass. A covered hole with barely any room.

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    Even if your sitting on the floor it hard like crazy I mean sit on potty and easy but not in diaper .

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    Floor is the same thing as a chair. The toilet doesn't have any hard surface right under the ass causing blockage.

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    How does baby do it than or do crawle and do it I would think so .

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    Its merely impossible to poo whilst sitting, it constricts the flow of the semisolid waste..

    I could see if you had the runs.. it would just come out..

    I have tried this before.. even with marshmallows.. you cannot go until you stand

    Btw Pooing while laying FTW and.. laying on belly ish fun too :P

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    Yeah While just wounder if it was possible becuase baby seem to do while being feed in high chair.

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    Increase your fiber and water intake?

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    Umm yea what TygerLily said and for me when ever i have to poo while in a sitting position i just lift one side a little higher off the seat till it starts to come out .. then its like cake

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    I got enough fiber and water this just question I want to ask just see what other say.

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