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    How many of you, when using your diaper like to (in private of course) expose your diaper and watch yourself wet it? Or, if you are into messing, like to go in front of a mirror and watch the butt of your diaper expand?

    For some reason I like to partake in this activity, does anyone else?

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    Well. I do this. If I can, then I do. I dunno. It's almost as entertaining as actually wetting it.

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    I don't really look at it, although being exposed in private is nice. I sometimes look at my butt after messing, but it's kinda difficult because the mirror is fairly high.

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    I have never done this, but sometimes i like to observe the "damage" afterwards before i change out of them .. just so i know and have a good idea of how they hold up, and cause i think it makes me look cute ^_^

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    I'm with SquishyTushy on this, although I have watched someone wet a diaper before... I was curious. =P

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    I have tried wetting in front of a mirror once...

    It wasn't all that spectacular.

    I mean why would you go into your bathroom while wearing a diaper , kinda counter-productive don't ya think

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    Since actually using them is a rare event for me, I tend to call up a friend and let them watch me while I watch myself...

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    I don't like to see myself in mirrors when I'm wearing... I think I look like an idiot. Probly because I never have one around me when I wear.

    So, no.

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