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Thread: ABDLs in College

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    Default ABDLs in College

    Hey All! I was wondering how many of u guys r currently in college, and how u live ur AB/DL life in the college situation. I am lucky enough to hav my own room, so i hav been able to wear and use diapers as much as i want. i dont usually wear to classes but i hav in the past. ive been ordering all different kinds of diapers now that i hav my own mailbox, so i dont hav to worry about nosy parents. Ive also ordered a nuk 5 paci.

    Recently ive been considering buying a onsie, but i dont kno if it would be worth the hassle of making sure it hidden all the time, especially when i go home for the summer. and on top of that, i would only be able to use it for the rest of this semester, cuz i wouldnt be able to use it at home and next year ill hav a roommate. If anyone could also give me advice on this it would be appreciated.

    so to recap, to wat extent do u indulge in ur ab side at college? and is it worth getting a onsie in my situation?

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    I wear diapers at college. That's about it. Um. I wet them at times? Sometimes I just can't. Shy bladder.

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    I say don't bother getting a onesie. It really seems like more hassle than it is worth.

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    FJC and cal poly pomona for my engineering degree rented a small house by work and school have everything AB/DL sent to a mailbox at the ups store

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    Quote Originally Posted by paciboy View Post

    so to recap, to wat extent do u indulge in ur ab side at college? and is it worth getting a onsie in my situation?
    I live in a single dorm, which has been pretty nice. The privacy is awesome (for more then just the AB thing obviously). It's nice because I can "indulge" as often as I'd like, but only ends up being every 1-2 weeks (or longer). If you can hide the onesie over the summer without getting caught, I'd say it's worth it. I love mine.

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    I live with a roomie in the dorms, so I only get to partake maybe once or twice a semester, if I'm lucky. Though I do get to order stuff privately with my school PO box, I don't get to use it much. I get to partake much more when I'm home. I take the stuff I order home on breaks and summer, and it makes it easier not having to worry about my mother picking up the mail when I'm working or something.

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    I live off campus and i don't have the privacy i had when i was in my own place but i sorely miss it, so when ever i "play" its usually on the weekends. As for getting a onesie ... when you think about it its not really hard to hide such a small piece of clothing and besides the feeling you get when you wear it i feel will make it all worthwhile!.

    So IMO you should be enjoying EVERY MOMENT of freedom and privacy you have because it IS a privilege =P[/FONT]

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    I live at university, so I might as well answer this question too. Basically, I can wear whenever I want, as there are only single-rooms here. Only issues I have though is how to wear and how to get the trash out.

    For the first issue, it's when padding up, especially. Walls between rooms are sound-isolated. But anyone passing by in the hallways could theoretically hear me padding up, so I actually wait until I hear no one outside then I pad up. That way, I make sure no one finds out.

    For the second issue, it's more about people not finding out I wear, as trash are to be thrown in a common big trash can. Luckily, there's a lid on it, so people can't see what's in the bag (white, btw. There is no small black trash bags here). But they can see me transporting the bag to the trashcan. So that can be an issue there.

    People might think I'm paranoid, but I'd rather be more careful than not enough.
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    I go to good old Community College. All the stress and none of the experience! That doesn't really bother me though, I love it there. I also get to spend a lot more time at home while everyone else is working/school, so that's when I indulge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by link View Post
    I go to good old Community College. All the stress and none of the experience!
    really? For me it's the opposite. Maybe I'm just a lazy bum though.

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