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  • Lich

    17 47.22%
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  • Zombie Lord

    8 22.22%
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Thread: What kind of Undead would YOU be?

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    Butterfly Mage

    Default What kind of Undead would YOU be?

    So... if you were facing an eternal unlife as a member of the Walking Dead, what kind would you be?

    Vampire: They get all the chicks, and can turn into a bat. But their dietary requirements are kinda gross and they get vaporized by sunlight.

    Lich: You can't beat all the raw power from being an Undead Mage. But you have to study for 20-30 years first and you look decomposed. On the bright side, you can fireball anyone who complains about your looks.

    Mummy: You are super-strong and you can lay potent curses on people who wrong you. The down side is that you can be killed if someone finds your canopic jars and your wardrobe is a bit limited.

    Zombie Lord: When you kill your enemies, you can turn them into extremely loyal servants the very next round! You also regenerate from nearly any injury. However, your looks leave a lot to be desired.

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    I voted to be a Lich , mainly cause I like to read up on stuff and not be burdened by needs

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    Butterfly Mage


    Quote Originally Posted by Fire_lupine06 View Post
    I voted to be a Lich , mainly cause I like to read up on stuff and not be burdened by needs
    I voted the same, since they are also the toughest folks to kill. Moreover, since Liches tend to be bookworms, the marauding glory-seeking adventurers tend to leave them alone. After all, who is the Paladin going to vanquish first? The 1,000-year-old mage who quietly studies in solitude in a crumbling old castle, or the Vampire that takes a new victim by the throat each night? Hmmm...

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    Definitely a zombie lord. I'd dig out the left eyes of my victims and replace them with little silver ball-bearings as a calling card, so when you got your shit attacked by one of my reanimated corpses you knew, "Holy shit, Dawes sent this fucker at me."

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    Zombie lord, I'd like control of my own personal army.

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    Vampire. I'm just too vain for those other choices. Even the Nosferatu style are prettier than your average mummy.

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    I would totally be a Vampire. They get to live the night life which i am ALL-About. And AND they get to live FOR_EVER ... CHA ! like seriously only thing i have to worry about is not going out into the DAY .... psh i sleep all day given a choice anyway!

    On top of that i'd have so much time to hone my body, i would be the strongest undead ever... i imagine my life would be a lot like Angel from Angel ..pretty good show

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    I LARP and play a Ventrue Vampire.

    Oh and by the way!

    Quote Originally Posted by babypup View Post
    Even the Nosferatu style are prettier than your average mummy.
    Not so! Nos tend to be covered with seeping boils and look anywhere from just plain creepy to having melted faces and other disfigurements. They have a power called Nightmare which can scare the crap out of other vampires and even tend to creep each other out.

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    Vampire. Read my story "Going Home" and it explains why. I could materialize in anyone's room and have my wah hah! Besides, I like blood, not to mention a rare bloody steak. Um, yum.

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