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Thread: I need help BADDLY!!!

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    Default I need help BADDLY!!!

    My problem that once was just a dribble after taking a whizz has escalated into a random total loss of control(When I have to go I have to find a bathroom within 5 min or have wet sox)!!! I have been wearing store brand of and on for a while now and I hate them!!The two tape tab per side is so uncomfortable to me its not funny...I have tried Kendall simplicity 3d and they suck!!I have also tried ABU super dry kids and they are pretty good but they are not cheap!!!I want a comfortable diaper that I can count on and it won't break the bank!!!!Any help?

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    First stop, medical help for the issue. If that's been done, try different brands, as you have been doing, and hopefully you'll find a more comfortable or suitable product. You could search this on site for reviews of diapers and websites then research the prices. Most diapers are going to have two tapes per side, as this makes them fit effectively.

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    They have these people that specialize in the diagnoses of disease. They are called "doctors". I suggest you consult one.

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    Your first step definitely should be a doctor. One knowledgeable in this field can probably help answer some of these questions and if you're insured, maybe even help you work out your options financially too. You know, notwithstanding the hope they can actually do something about correcting the problem.

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    No need for attitude geez!!!I have seen a "DOCTOR" and like a lot of other people on this and other sites they cany figure out my problem and told me to protect my sheets and find a AD that is comfortable!!!My question I guess is are the higher priced online type diapers more comfortable that walmart walgreens type crap?Is it worth it to buy bambino or super dry kids or abena for the better feel?I mean I stuff my walgreens right now as I learned from here so now the issue is just that the four total tapes on theese make it feel as if I am wrapped in something rather than feeling like I am protected from pissing my pants....So again I ask can I please get some experienced help?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eriq83 View Post
    so now the issue is just that the four total tapes on theese make it feel as if I am wrapped in something rather than feeling like I am protected from pissing my pants....So again I ask can I please get some experienced help?
    So what you want a nappy with more then 4 tapes? Don't think theres many on the market.

    Theres tons of different brands, you've got to go look for your self and find which is best FOR you. Are you looking for absorbancy? Are you looking for comfort? Are you looking for discreetness?
    How many tests has your doctor run? How long has this been happing?

    Also, about peoples attitudes, take a look at your own, you're demanding help, not the best way to go about things.

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    I was refering to one persons attitude and the doc I went to ran acountless number of test some not so nice ones if you know what I mean.I am not trying to be demanding at all I am just frustrated!!!I have tried A LOT of different brands and I have only found one that is nearly perfect. comfortable, absorbant,rather thick so I feel confident it will hold up but the problem I have is its geared toward the abdl following and has baby print across the front and my wife looked at me real funny when I showed it to her.It was ABU SDK....Is there any comparable to that will no baby print?and sorry for over reacting with my last post!!!

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    Abenas, Molicare, Tena, Bambino and other top of the range nappies will out perform ABU in every way from what I've heard.

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    So you found a diaper that works well for you, but its patterns are a problem, so you need to find another that works as well. Hmm... Whilst searching around here might give you some more ideas for products to try, you might just have to assess the pros and cons and chose the best of them. Sorry if that sounds harsh. Some people here like Bambinos diapers and find them absorbant. Those come in either baby-print or plain white (Biancos). Otherwise it's probably all about trying the different brands, as Loopy suggests. I hope one of them suits just right.

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    I would recommend checking out any Abena product. From your original post, you're looking for a very cost-efficient diaper with comfort, lack of any baby-ish print, and something you can wear in public. I wear Abena Super with an Abri-let booster and, while I'm not IC, I do wear in public frequently so I'm all about discreetness.

    Cost per diaper is $.84 - and if you purchase a case from XP Medical, the shipping fee is waived. Compared to other top of the line brands, this ranks in the mid-range as far as price goes with some great absorbency as a stand-alone diaper. If you invest in boosters like Abri-let, you can modify your protection based upon how your condition is trending.

    Good luck!

    And by the way, these diapers have four tapes. Have you explored tape positioning to help the discomfort? Sometimes it helps to put the tapes at an angle pointing down.

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