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Thread: Where do you change?

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    Default Where do you change?

    So I sometimes wear a diaper when 'going public'. During a meeting or shopping, long car drives etc. There always comes to moment I have to change my diaper. Where and how do you handle it? Many public bathrooms are open at the bottom and tops of the door. I have had times I was changing my diaper and thought the coast was clear. When I opend the door there were a few people using the litter and I just knew they heared my change.....(I hate it when other people are around!)

    How do you handle it?

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    Jjust change in your car.

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    I use the family bathrooms at most places. I usually do not get changed at the park as we generally will walk back to the house if I had an accident (which is rare). A few weeks ago we were hiking and we just continued until we got back to the house later. Real Babies are so lucky they get changed right away.

    Not sure what I would do at a road stop...

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    It is really quite hard to figure out what Sounds are what unless you've had something to compare it too on a number of occasions. Some things naturally stand out more then others, things like Voices and Musical Instruments.

    I have something called Perfect Pitch witch allows me to do stuff like tune Pianos, Guitars, Violins ect... without the aid of a Tuner or Instrument. I can also tell someone else what Note, Chord or Key they are playing in just by listening to what they're playing too me. Kinda like the conductor who happens to be the only person that caught out the one wrong Note among an entire Orchestra of 200, I'm not that good and wouldn't even try to pick fault with something so small. But even I have some trouble matching up some of the sounds that I rarely hear without something to compare it too.

    The only People that I can think of that might know what your Sounds are, are People like us AB/DL/TB/BF's and Friends of us or Staff in Care of some sort. As long as you take care not to let people see your Diaper(s), they shouldn't even suspect anything. And if they are hanging around the Toilets without even needing to use them for the true need, then they go to be up to something. I wouldn't want to hang around the Toilet for long.

    I've never had a full change when I've been out and about, but I have put on Diapers at three different times. Once after buying a pack of Baby Diapers I went into the Toilet, Opened the Pack of Pampers Simply Dry and stuffed one into my Pants. This was the second time I'd put one on while I was out of the House. The first time I was camping on a Duke of Edinburgh thingie, I hadn't warn Diapers for ages, so I went out and brought some Huggies DryNites (Not much room in my pack, but I managed). This was so cool changing in a tent for the first time, but I only used them at night as there were other people I knew around me (I had my own tent with me). And the last time, I had some money left over from a day trip to London, I again brought some Huggies DryNites and had to dash for the train back. Lucky for me, it was a fairly new train and the toilets were cleanish. Yep, thats it, I changed on the train and had the Diaper on all the way back home.

    I've been out and about in Diapers, but not yet had the guts to do a full change. I'm more concerned about getting caught disposing of the used Diaper rather than the sound they make, but it is on my to do list. :-)

    I use a back pack to transport my diapers, this is the easyist of all and I keep the Diapers in a separate pocket.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Celebi View Post
    I have something called Perfect Pitch witch allows me to do stuff like tune Pianos, Guitars, Violins ect... without the aid of a Tuner or Instrument. I can also tell someone else what Note, Chord or Key they are playing in just by listening to what they're playing too me.
    So you have absolute pitch, eh? Congratulations - it's incredibly rare. However, I'm not sure how having AP would help you distinguish sounds, as someone with the phenomenon generally can determine pitch/key by memorization of the frequency.

    Back on topic:
    I have changed with a friend in a public university "Gender Neutral" bathroom - and that was nerve-wracking because we were afraid someone would be lurking outside of the door when two boys came out.

    Other than that, I've changed in my car numerous times - but only feel comfortable when it's night time. Family bathrooms are your best bet in public places. Places like Starbucks have private bathrooms that you can change in without being disturbed.

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    I look for single-user bathrooms if there are any available. If there aren't, I just suck it up and use a stall in a multi-user bathroom. I care somewhat about people hearing, but I figure that even if they know what I'm doing, they're going to think I have a legitimate need for diapers (why would they think otherwise?). No one has made a big deal about it yet.

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    I have changed in the car late at night. I will just park in a desterted area. As far as indoor public places I just try and find an out of the way restroom. If you are in school top floors of libraries or other building are usually pretty quiet.

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    I like to use the family bathroom if one is available in the public places. There are alot more now than before. Otherwise I will change in the big stall for the handicapped in the regular bathroom. I change as normal and do not worry about the noise.

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    I have changed in my car in the middle of a full parking lot. on the back of my snowmobial when I was ridding by my self. I have changed in the middle of the woods one time I allmost got caught by some one waling there dog.

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    When ever i have to change in public i will search the extra "mile" for that completely private bathroom that has a lock on the door. The few times that i have ever had to change in a stall was the times where i was wearing a pull-up style diaper and all it really involved was ripping the sides and tossing it, and i too get very paranoid about that. I mean i get the same thoughts of "oh-no someone will hear this and recognize these sounds, or someone will notice im in a stall with my pants down but not using the potty!" But as Celebi said, i too agree the more i think about it, i really don't think anyone not "involved" would be able to place the very discreet sounds that i try my best to minimize.

    If have to really change however there is nothing stopping me from finding that "family" bathroom, and i have a couple of places where i know there is a changing safe heaven... hell i'd even become a "paying-customer" to use some of these clean, private bathrooms while out in public.

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