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Thread: Self Service checkouts

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    Cool Self Service checkouts

    So I'm gonna buy some diapers today. I know of a relatively large branch of Tesco in Pinner, Harrow (UK) which has self service checkouts.

    The main problem I have when buying is the nerves I suddenly get when at the checkout.

    Has anyone every used SSCs to buy diapers before and if so, how was it?

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    Dont frett mate, there awesome, just be smooth and dont rush of youll confuse the machine.
    What You plannin on gettin anyways ?

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    I use the self-service scan all the time. In fact, the only time I don't use it is when I've bought from thrift stores. They are really awesome, and really make it easier to buy. Just wait until there's no line (or a very short one) and there's no one you recognize around, then go for it.

    Just scan it deliberately and slowly, as many of these machines don't scan things as well as we would like them to, and if you try to rush things, it won't scan and you'll have to try it again and again (and diaper packages aren't small, so it's pretty visible). What would be even worse is if you thought it scanned when it didn't, so you set it on the weight only to have it tell you to take it out and scan it again. Other than that, just quickly put it into a bag, and do the payment as quick as possible.

    I do have a few 'horror stories' for you with these things though:

    Once I forgot my wallet! I didn't realize until I had already rung up the diapers, then went for my wallet . I had to walk up to the attendant, tell her tell her to void the transaction, and then she went up to the scale and grabbed the diapers to set them aside. So, yeah, make sure you have your payment method, lol, if you want to avoid some embarrassment.

    I tend to buy from a store that recognizes who you are as a customer, and automatically prints out coupons based on your spending habits. That's okay when you're alone at the self-service machines, but can be a problem elsewhere. Once, I was at a regular checkout, buying non-*B stuff, and after I paid and got my receipt, I began to walk off. Then, the guy shouts out "Hey, do you want your coupon?" It had printed out a coupon for adult diapers! As I returned, he continued: "I'mmmm not really sure why it printed out this (chuckle), but here you go." I took the coupon and played surprised, lol. So, watch out for that too.

    Another time, I thought the coast was clear, and it was okay to go and buy my diapers. Once I'm at the machines though, having just rang up the diapers and continuing on to the next items, I hear a familiar voice. It was one of my co-workers, standing right behind me with his items, talking to me!!! I really don't think he noticed what I was buying, because I'm sure he would have razzed me about it. Still though, it was not cool. That was a pretty close call for me.

    In spite of the few possible horror stories, I really have gone through this system too many times for my memory to count, and it generally goes very well with no one noticing anything or caring. I would definitely recommend it to you .

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    They are ok but I like haveing a person do the work for me. Im not shy at all about buying diapers.

    One time tho back in 2005, there was a U-scan that would say what you were buying when you scanned the item. HEHE, "BEEP, DIAPERS $9.99!"

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    Though I find buying diapers rather easy these days, I might consider to register myself for self-scanning/self service checkouts to make it even more easier.
    The bigger stores in Sweden have been installing these services on most of their stores, and since I'll probably will be moving out next year, it wouldn't hurt to invest in the system anyway. In addition; it would make shopping go a tad faster.

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    Yeah. I love self-service checkouts! If you are used to using them for normal shopping, and know how to use the machine, that'll make you more confident with buying something likely to make you nervous. As others say, take your time, be cool and remember you're not doing anything wrong, so relax! Even if you needed cashier assistence, act the same way as you would if it was a cabbage you were buying. No jokes and awkwardness, and they won't be bothered.

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    You have to register to use self-service checkouts o.O

    Here, you just walk into a store that has em and use them. No fee or nothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bryce View Post
    You have to register to use self-service checkouts o.O

    Here, you just walk into a store that has em and use them. No fee or nothing.
    Same here.

    First time I used a self service machine, a message came up on the screen like "Please wait for approval" which scared the life out of me, thinking someone would have to come over and put it through.

    In reality, it was something to do with their payment system

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    Little ollie


    Teco's self checkout can be a pain at times, as when I've used it just for shopping, most times something has gone wrong at some point and the person has had to come and fix it, though if your only buying one thing it should work fine.

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    Self service or full service checkouts, it's all the same to me. The self service still have an attendant looking over them. What I hate about the self service checkout is waiting in line when there is someone in front of you that can't figure out how to use them.

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