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Thread: kunnichi wa :)

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    my name is klishni and im hoping to have fun here

    soo maybe i didnt get off on the right foot.lets try again. im klishni (as most people call me) im pretty short standin at 5ft 4in. ima very outgoing person and i am into diapers. only a few of my bestest friends know about this. id like to get to know some other people who are ino them as well.
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    Welcome to ADISC! First off, we would like to get to know you more so do you have any interests or hobbies that you would like to share? Second, I would like to say that I do hope that you enjoy your time here on this site and that you also enjoy our very supportive community we have here.

    Also, in the future, if you would like to add to your post you should edit your original post instead of making a new post. Just so you know...

    Peace and Love by tk7432

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    my interests includeeeee, hangin with friends, playing games (HUGEE gamer), and sitting on my lazy butt(IF that counts) ^.//

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    Sitting on a lazy but can count. I do it for at least 18 of my 24 hours each day! What games do you play? I am a Madden NFL and NBA Live person.

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    i demolish with Live. i mostly play some grand theft auto, racing gamesss, but my most favorite game of all is NHL 2010. absolutely love that game!

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    Ohayo, what section of the tokyo-yokohama area you reside in.

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