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Thread: What It's About: 2001

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    I remember one day in 3rd grade an announcement coming over the intercom. It was our school's principal telling us that school was letting out early today and that the bell would be ringing in a few minutes. I vaugly remember her saying something about planes and a building; but being in 3rd grade, it didn't matter what the stimulus was, i was happy to be getting out of school early.
    By the time i had walked to the student-drop off area, my mom was already waiting for me. (she worked, literally, down the street at the hospital) I climbed into the car and she'd asked me if I'd heard what happened. I told her that i had but i didn't really know what was going on. The remainder of our ride home was silent, and i could tell that something was wrong.

    After that day, i've watched every anniversary on the television and have always worn patriotic colors on 9/11. But, I can't honestly say that i've really thought about it. I don't mean simply remembering what happened. I mean really looking at it, looking at the impact that day had on my live; on all our lives. Tonight, I was searching youtube for a Kamelot song, i found a link and it turned out it was a 9/11 tribute that used the song. After that, i kept going with the related links list, until I came across the movie that i'm going to post at the end of this. I realize that it is nowhere near September, but does it really need to be for us to think of it?

    I don't want to turn this into a political thread, but looking at this, I remembered exactly why we went overseas. Sure you may believe that there were/are no WMD's hidden; but should we really have sat idly by and done nothing; just watch our own citizens get killed ruthlessly? I don't know about you, but I say "go troops, Kick their ass."

    9 - 11 - 2001 The World Trade Center Attack - Tribute !

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    You know, your right, when I first found out about 911 I never really thought about the impact of it all. but, now that i reflect upon it all I see that the impact stretched far past those who were killed and those who knew them.

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    I was in Gr. 8 at the time I remember it quite vividly. The teacher from the other Gr.8 class came in and whispered to our teacher, and we we're told to go to the other classroom where they had a T.V. set up already. They explained to us that studies would resume tomorrow as the school felt it was important we learn about what had just happened. They explained the situation and we watched the news until noon where we were allowed to go home.

    Tyler, you're confusing the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. Iraq was WMD's and Afghanistan was 9/11.

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    I remember exactly where I was when 9/11 happened. I was taking classes in the local community college, changing careers. I immediately knew that we would probably be invading someone. Today Osama Binladen released another tape, vowing vengeance on the U. S. until we stop supporting Israel. I understand why we support Israel, but I wonder why we have not learned the lessons from engaging in having entangling alliances.

    Those horses have left the barn, and so we are stuck with the world in chaos. We have lost our manufacturing jobs to China, as a nation we have little morale direction, and we are lead by our noses by the effective sledge hammer of the media. We buy into almost anything we are told, and it is difficult if not impossible to get accurate facts as to what is happening in the world. We are the victims of the media and how it chooses to interpret facts.

    When I was a kid, I couldn't wait to get home and go outside and be with my friends. We played a lot of sports, games, rode bikes, ran the woods and had fun. I get the feeling that kids are far more reclusive, going home, sitting in front of a screen either watching drivel or playing games.

    The world has changed and we must find new solutions for its problems. More so, we must find our center, that which gives us some greater purpose. Until that happens there will be variations to 9/11 again and again. Perhaps the worse terrorism is the destruction we do to ourselves, the slow erosion of ourselves as we march to the drum beat of society, doing exactly as we are told.

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    I was working out in the field during 9-11-01. It didn't really sink in until I saw the images on TV. I remember two things. One, I felt like our idiotic leaders and willfully ignorant society had it coming eventually. Obviously, I felt terrible for the loss of life and the enormity of the moment. But, at the same time, our country has manipulated others for so long, did we really think nothing will ever come of it? Do we really think that 9-11 will never happen again?

    The other thing I remember was talking to a woman who worked in a nearby office. She said, "Boy, are we going to kick their ass now." And I said to her, "Kick who's ass?" Exactly who's ass have we kicked since that time? Certainly not the man ultimately responsible. It's not as if a single country decided to bomb us. It's a group of extreme radicals who have safe houses all over the world. For me, that statement from that woman summed up the arrogance (and ignorance) of the average american.

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    I was in my fourth grade when this event happened and I can still remember the work we did shortly thereafter and the carwash fundraiser that I volunteered for thereafter. Such a sad moment in American History but at first I thought this topic was discussing about either the year 2001 or Dr. Dre's 1999 album 2001.

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    I recall I was in my 7th grade at school. I woke up, got ready and walked out to see my parents watching TV, which was highly unusual. I asked what happened and they said some planes flew into the World Trade Center towers. Up until that point I didn't even know what the WTC towers were, so I just said "Oh right" and went about my business.

    When I got to school I heard some people talking about it, but I think last night's homework was more of a hot topic. Eventually, a few weeks later, the whole school assembled and our principal gave us a 30 minute talk on what happened, but he mostly focused on what implications it would have for us down here (national security mostly).

    As you'd imagine the impact of 9/11 was further down on the agenda for most people here. The media ran reports on it for weeks though and had many, many TV specials on it, but I think a lot of people here saw the interruption of their regular programming as more of a nuisance than anything else.

    That's not to say people didn't care - we did - we just couldn't extend any strong feelings about it. For the most part, I'm personally unmoved by the whole ordeal, though I understand the shear scale of the tragedy and do believe it was an extremely terrible event.

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    Counting back I was in 4th grade but for some reason my mind thinks 2nd at the moment. (probably confusing my self with group 4 which is 2nd grade here in the Netherlands) I was getting a haircut when I heard it. It scared the living hell right out of me. I knew I had family in the US I just didn't know who lived exactly where. I just wanted my haircut to be finished so I could run home. I ran home, and when I finally heard everyone (I knew) was alright I was relieved beyond measure. I spent the rest of the day watching CNN.

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    I remember being in fear of a lock down in 11th grade due to being so close to Miramar Air Force/Marine Base (i.e. Top Gun). Even at this point, retaliation to a 9 year old attack is futile since every move America has made has played into the hands of Al-Queda. Base constructions in the Muslim work, civilian deaths, etc.
    This post could be so much longer, but I'll leave it at this: the British and Russians could not contain the middle east, so why do we think we can?

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