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Thread: First time call long time listen

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    Default First time call long time listen

    Hi i'm a diaper lover from melb aus looking for people to hang and do stuff wile diaperd i'm into H.Hard dance music sci-fi and blotting while being all little and stuff.

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    Your looking for people to hang!?

    Just kidding, anywho, welcome aboard The Disc (ADISC)! Hope to see you around the forums and that you have a good time here.

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    Great to see another Aussie join the boards

    Greetings from Sydney

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    Welcome to the group.

    Your intro is a bit hard to follow. What is blotting?

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    Smile Welcome mate!

    Hi from over the NSW border. Welcome to ADISC and have a happy Australia Day tomorrow! Is sure has been hot! Bye.

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    Welcome to ADISC! Do you have any hobbies or interests that you would like to share here? I hope you enjoy your time here and our supportive community! Peace and Love

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    Hey mate, welcome to ADISC. Always good to see other aussies here. Hope to see plenty of posts from you.

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    Blotting O_O ... if your talking about what i think your talking about then you sound cool to me already .. to bad im not in aussie or you'd be able to HANG me =P haha anyways Welcome to ADISC !

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