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Thread: Teen/Adult Pullups???

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    Default Teen/Adult Pullups???

    I was just wondering if anyone knew of any pullups that were REALLY babyish and could fit at least a 36 inch waist. By babyish, I mean that anyone who saw them would swear that they were made for 2 year olds. Any replies would be greatly appreciated

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    Theres none. I mean there literally are none. The closest you're going to get is cloth pullups, but you'd have to ask someone to make them custom for you.

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    those eldercares reminded me of pullup designs :\ but it had tapes on it

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    You could always buy plain pullups and decorate them youre self with marker pens or the like, then you can make replicas of whatever brand you had in mind.

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    SURECARE? Refastenable Underwear Order Information

    This is the only thing I have seen that is anywhere close to a kids pullup in adult sizes. Every other adult pullup has the padding end well before the top. Never tested them in person and not sure if they still make them.

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    SURECARE? Refastenable Underwear Order Information

    i can tell you they are horrible. don't waste your money.

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